Yesterday was my last day of work at the bakery. It was the best goodbye ever. Here’s a little recap…

First off, boozey cupcakes. Why didn’t I think of that? You know who did? Manager Emily. She made them for my last day. It was the most adorable thing.And just to clarify, by boozey cupcakes I’m talking rum cream cheese frosting with a rum and rum extract cake. Oh, there’s mint, too. And lime. So pretty much this is a cocktail in a cupcake. (Sidenote: why did I never go to Sweet Revenge when I lived in the city? Stupid, stupid…)

I also got a card and this picture from Chef Scott. I about keeled over laughing.

It’s a fennel bulb. Because I’m Fennel. He said he almost drew a ginger root because I’m also ginger, but apparently ginger root is harder to draw. No matter, I’ve already hung the picture up in my hallway. It’s too amazing not too.

Gahh I’m going to miss work. I love(d) it so. The one benefit I see to this new change is that now I’ll be able to work more on the blog and do more of my own baking. Let’s see how that goes… wish me luck!

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