Seedy Quinoa Chocolate Bark

I am a super chocolate fan, but oddly enough I don’t eat chocolate bars that often. I think it’s because … Continue Reading

Spider Web Toffee Bark

Beware: this spooky Spider Web Toffee Bark is crazy addicting! So tomorrow is Halloween and I still don’t have a costume. Tonight … Continue Reading

Circus Bark

This loaded Circus Bark is made with graham crackers, pretzels, peanuts, toffee, popcorn, chocolate, and toasted marshmallows. Betcha can’t eat just … Continue Reading

English Toffee Bark

Buttery, crunchy english toffee topped under a rich dark chocolate and topped with almonds & pecans. A perfect holiday treat!  Hey! How … Continue Reading

Salted cayenne peanut brittle!

Sometimes I get really bored. And I make three (yeah…..) batches of peanut brittle. And I experiment. With cayenne pepper. … Continue Reading

Peppermint bark

It’s chocolate. It’s peppermint. What more can I say? For the bark:1/2 cup crushed peppermint candies6 ounces semisweet chocolate6 ounces … Continue Reading

Daisy’s toffee bark

Each November I look forward to my cousin Daisy’s toffee bark. She has been making it every holiday time since … Continue Reading