Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

OK so basically chocolate chip cookies are my favorite thing. So I thought I’d make you guys a Chocolate Chip … Continue Reading

Semolina Olive Oil Cake with Stone Fruits + a reader survey

I’ve always wanted to make an olive oil cake, but to be honest I’ve been nervous that it would just … Continue Reading

Lemon Poppyseed Cake

Hey y’all. It’s currently 2pm on Wednesday and I leave for Europe at the crack of dawn. I haven’t even … Continue Reading

Strawberry Almond Tea Cake

One summer while I was living in New York City, my sister Rebe came to visit amidst a strong bout … Continue Reading

Hummingbird Cake

I want to start off today’s post by saying I’ve really been enjoying connecting with you all lately. I have … Continue Reading

Super Fudgy Mocha Layer Cake

Simply the fudgiest, moistest Mocha Cake EVER. Rich and delicious with the perfect hint of espresso. What is this, cake week?! … Continue Reading

Upside Down Winter Citrus Cake

An easy upside down winter citrus cake that will brighten anyone’s day. When I was little my sister Rebe and … Continue Reading

Ginger Molasses Apple Cake with Mascarpone Frosting

A moist ginger molasses cake with fresh apples and a creamy mascarpone frosting. Talk about fall cake goals!! Let’s just take … Continue Reading

Cardamom Spiced Carrot Cake with Ginger Frosting + Caramel Drizzle

A showstopping cardamom spiced carrot cake with a sinful ginger cream cheese frosting and drippy caramel. DROOL. Alex and I spent a … Continue Reading

Icelandic Skyr Spice Cake with Toffee Sauce

Perfectly spiced and super moist, this Icelandic skyr spice cake is topped with a ridiculously addicting crumb topping and toffee sauce! … Continue Reading

Cake Batter Ice Cream

Cake Batter Ice Cream: if ice cream could speak, this one would say “you can have your cake and eat … Continue Reading

Rhubarb Almond Tea Cakes

Adorable individual rhubarb almond tea cakes are perfect for Sunday brunch! As a Massachusetts (soon to be DETROIT! but more … Continue Reading

Graduation Cake {there’s champagne in there}

A soft vanilla cake layered with raspberry jam and CHAMPAGNE FROSTING. Let’s get this party started. There is a famous … Continue Reading

Red Wine Chocolate Cake

A moist red wine chocolate cake drizzled with red wine chocolate ganache. Swoon! Chocolate and wine are quite a pair. … Continue Reading