Quadruple chocolate loaf cake

Oh yeah. Words. This cake is great. So moist, thick, dense but not grossly filling. Awesomeeeeee. For the Cake: 1 … Continue Reading

Guest Tuesdays: in the kitchen with LC’s chocolate oatmeal cherry cookies

LC is my new baking buddy. For the cookies: 1 cup butter 1 cup medium brown sugar, packed 2 eggs … Continue Reading

Nutella truffles

I’m supposed to be studying for my Psychopathology midterm that is Wednesday, but I haven’t started. You know how people … Continue Reading

Pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

So sometimes it’s nice to use packaged mixes. This week was one of those times. And it was great! For … Continue Reading

Salted chocolate peanut butter cups!

Woah. Peanut butter and chocolate is quite possibly my favorite duo. It’s as if when you combine the two a … Continue Reading

Chocolate espresso puddles

I like sunny days like these. They make me hopeful that Boston winter is about to end. Although they also … Continue Reading

The 50/50 cookie

This recipe comes to you from the esteemed pastry chef and chocolate connoisseur Jacques Torres via The Tender Crumb. The … Continue Reading

Chocolate chip coffee cake

I’m watching Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa right now. She’s talking about bringing dinner to a woman who’s just moved down … Continue Reading

Double chocolate brownies

I’m a huge brownie connoisseur. When I lived at home we went through a period where we made at least 2 boxed … Continue Reading

Katharine Canfield cookies

These are them. These are the cookies of my childhood. I can’t even begin to describe them. When made correctly, … Continue Reading

Fudgies with marshmallows and graham crackers

  Oh, world, do you judge people like me? People who eat massive amounts of fudge for breakfast? It just … Continue Reading

Chocolate truffles

Last night I felt a little chocolatey. A little decadent. A little luxurious. Amidst my musing, I thought to myself, … Continue Reading

Puddle cookies

Anyone who lives in lower Manhattan knows the goodness that is the Clinton Street Baking Co. They are renowned for their unbelievable … Continue Reading

Chocolate chip pancakes

Waking up on a sunday morning in a small apartment in the middle of New York City with seven twenty … Continue Reading