Brownie Pecan Pie

I have a total obsession with Pecan Pie. The combination of crunchy nuts with sweet sugar and that perfect gooeyness … Continue Reading

Giant Grain Free Pumpkin Pop-Tart with Cinnamon Maple Glaze

I don’t like boxed baking mixes. They usually taste artificial, have tens of ingredients you can’t pronounce, and do not hold up … Continue Reading

Triple Chocolate Fudge Pie

A seriously decadent Triple Chocolate Fudge Pie so good it’s been known to disappear in one night. …but seriously. This pie has … Continue Reading

Maple Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Pie

Maple pecans meet a boozy bourbon pumpkin filling in this maple bourbon pecan pumpkin pie worthy of any Thanksgiving dessert table. … Continue Reading

Salted Maple Caramel Apple Pie

There’s nothing better than homemade Apple Pie. Except maybe Salted Maple Caramel Apple Pie. It’s one of the most wonderful … Continue Reading

Bumbleberry Pie

The prettiest pie there ever was: this quadruple berry bumbleberry pie. Mmmmm, pieeeeee. To be honest, pie is not my … Continue Reading

Blueberry Lemon Curd Pop Tarts

Celebrate spring (and breakfast time) with homemade lemon curd pop tarts topped with a natural blueberry icing and edible flowers! I don’t … Continue Reading

Boozy Pumpkin Pie Shooters

Pumpkin pie gets a delicious twist in these Boozy Pumpkin Pie Shooters!  Can we talk about pumpkin pie for a … Continue Reading

Lavender Peach Strudel

Aromatic and warm, this Lavender Peach Strudel is sure to amaze! Hello friends, and welcome to Peach Week. What is … Continue Reading

Miss American Pie

Celebrate Fourth Of July with this sweetheart: Miss American Pie, made with fresh berries and a crispy crust! Most years, … Continue Reading

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. These Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars will become your family’s favorite recipe for years to … Continue Reading

Bourbon Apple Pie Ice Cream

With Thanksgiving (and all those pies) around the corner, why not change it up with Bourbon Apple Pie Ice Cream? This … Continue Reading

Mini apple pies

Mini apple pies are the definition of cute. Makes ~9 mini pies For the pie: 2-3 granny smith apples, cored … Continue Reading

Fudge pie

Hello, all! While Boston has been experiencing some pritty whacky weather this season, I’ve had the good fortune of going … Continue Reading