Lemon Poppyseed Cake

Hey y’all. It’s currently 2pm on Wednesday and I leave for Europe at the crack of dawn. I haven’t even … Continue Reading

Lemon Poppy Seed Sandwich Cookies

Lemon Poppy Seed Sandwich Cookies: the most addicting lemon cookie I’ve ever had, period! We made it to Boston! It’s … Continue Reading

Lemon Poppyseed Sticky Buns

Sticky-sweet Lemon Poppyseed Sticky Buns with a lemon cream cheese frosting. Oh hello, lovely. Yeah I’m talking to you, Lemon … Continue Reading

Lemon poppyseed donuts

I’m sitting here eating a lemon poppyseed donut while oggling over homewares. It’s my new thing. Not donuts. Homeware (OK … Continue Reading

Lemon poppyseed bread pudding

I was fortunate enough to spend the past week in Paris, and I think I fell in love. It was … Continue Reading

Lemon poppyseed cake with lemon vanilla glaze

I leave for work at 6:30 every morning, so all I had was this little bit of morning light to … Continue Reading