Rhubarb Mint Mojito

One of the first cocktails I ever had was a mojito. Well, OK it was actually a mocktail because I … Continue Reading

Rhubarb Almond Tea Cakes

Adorable individual rhubarb almond tea cakes are perfect for Sunday brunch! As a Massachusetts (soon to be DETROIT! but more … Continue Reading

White Chocolate Raspberry Rhubarb Scones

White Chocolate Raspberry Rhubarb scones that are sweet, tart, and totally breakfast-worthy.  When I think of rhubarb, I think of … Continue Reading

Rhubarb Bars

Rhubarb Bars: like a lemon bar, but with a bright and juicy rhubarb twist! The other weekend, I had the … Continue Reading

Rhubarb Orange Glazed Donuts

Baked Rhubarb Orange Glazed Donuts: soft and fluffy rhubarb donuts flavored with orange and dipped in a tangy rhubarb glaze! I … Continue Reading