Strawberry Almond Tea Cake

One summer while I was living in New York City, my sister Rebe came to visit amidst a strong bout … Continue Reading

Strawberry Basil Compote

Simple and unique with only a touch of refined sugar, this Strawberry Basil Compote is perfect over yogurt, atop pancakes, … Continue Reading

Bumbleberry Pie

The prettiest pie there ever was: this quadruple berry bumbleberry pie. Mmmmm, pieeeeee. To be honest, pie is not my … Continue Reading

Strawberry Nutella French Toast

Custardy slices of french toast stuffed with rich and creamy Nutella and tart strawberries. Hubba hubba. The first time I … Continue Reading

Strawberry Almond Birthday Cake

Strawberry Almond Birthday Cake: a nutty, sweet-tart cake perfect for celebrating! Hi, everyone! Sarah isn’t here. Instead, it’s me, Rebecca! A.K.A. … Continue Reading

Miss American Pie

Celebrate Fourth Of July with this sweetheart: Miss American Pie, made with fresh berries and a crispy crust! Most years, … Continue Reading

Skinny Strawberries and Cream Popsicles

Skinny Strawberries and Cream Popsicles: layers of roasted strawberries and greek yogurt make these popsicles a bikini-welcome summer treat! Strawberries … Continue Reading

Pink Lemonade Macarons

Pink Lemonade Macarons are like springtime in your mouth! OK. I’m ready for spring. Everyone is. It’s that time of … Continue Reading

Strawberry Nutella Pop Tarts

Strawberry preserves & nutella sandwiched between soft, melt-in-your-mouth pastry dough and topped with a bright pink icing. This updated classic … Continue Reading

Fresh strawberry ice cream

Oh hai, Broma Bakery. It’s me, Sarah. I want to start off by apologizing for neglecting you for so long. … Continue Reading

Lemon strawberry scones

I adapted this recipe from its original “Lemon blueberry scones,” but really you can use any berry you’d like. Blackberries, … Continue Reading

Strawberry shortcakes

        buttermilk biscuits+      strawberries +      whipped cream+      mint                        awesome summer dessert Makes 8-9 cakes For the biscuits:4 cups all-purpose flour1 … Continue Reading

Sheep and a strawberry pavlova

Today was a good day. After a really nice dinner of sautéed breaded chicken, roasted garlic potatoes, and crispy asparagus, … Continue Reading

A buh buh buh… low-fat cheesecake like woah

I really like cheesecake a lot a lot a lot. For the cheesecake: 1 1/2 pounds (24 ounces) Neufatel cheese, … Continue Reading