Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

OK so basically chocolate chip cookies are my favorite thing. So I thought I’d make you guys a Chocolate Chip … Continue Reading

Classic Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with fresh figs, pistachios, and honey

My favorite cheesecake memory is from the early blog days. Rebe and I were both living at home, and decided … Continue Reading

Lemon Coconut Tart with whipped vanilla bean crème fraîche and candied lemons

When I think of Easter, I think of my childhood. My mom, always the best gift-giver, would wake my sister and … Continue Reading

Black Forest Popsicles

A mouth-watering combo of chocolate, fresh cherries, and vanilla will make these Black Forest Popsicles a smash hit at your next … Continue Reading

Fresh Raspberry Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

A no-churn cookies and cream ice cream studded with bright and juicy fresh raspberries. My sister Rebe is absolutely obsessed … Continue Reading

Graduation Cake {there’s champagne in there}

A soft vanilla cake layered with raspberry jam and CHAMPAGNE FROSTING. Let’s get this party started. There is a famous … Continue Reading

Easter Egg Cake with spun sugar nest

Moist vanilla layered cake, chocolate buttercream, and a spun sugar bird’s nest make this cake perfect for Easter!  When I … Continue Reading

Orange Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Orange Chocolate Chip Ice Cream combines zesty oranges with sweet chocolate chips and a creamy vanilla custard base. Yum! In high … Continue Reading

lemon silk cake with lemon cream cheese frosting and candied lemon

I call this a silk cake because, well, this cake is the softest, most pillowy-est cake I’ve eaten in a … Continue Reading

Magic cake

It seems like it’s finally springtime in Ann Arbor. The birds are out, people are jogging all over the place, … Continue Reading

Better than sex cake

Hi, I’m a cake with a ridiculous name, and I don’t look very pretty. In fact, I’m really, really ugly … Continue Reading

July 28th cake

I’ve been thinking about this for about a week and a half because it’s my BIRTHDAY CAKEEEEE. Because baking is … Continue Reading

Crème brûlée

Mum had jaw surgery yesterday, so I made this for her. Obviously it was gone in a second. Note to … Continue Reading

Marble cupcakes with mocha icing

This week I made these cupcakes with the kids I babysit for. We had a lot of fun swirling the … Continue Reading