3d cover image of sweet tooth by sarah fennel 3d cover image of sweet tooth by sarah fennel


Sweet Tooth

100 stunning, delicious, easy recipes
for everyone who saves room for dessert

My very first cookbook
is here for YOU!

In my new cookbook, Sweet Tooth, my goal is to encourage you to bake more, and bake often. Whether you’re baking for comfort, to spread happiness, to feel full-blown nostalgia, or to make a single damn cookie whenever you feel like it, Sweet Tooth has (almost all brand new!) recipes for you.

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Chewy Peanut Butter–Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chapter 1 of Sweet Tooth is all about recipes you can make any night of the week for whenever your sugar craving hits. Everything in this chpater is made in one bowl and ready in under an hour, like these super soft and Chewy Peanut Butter–Chocolate Chip Cookies that I cannot get enough of.


Matilda’s Chocolate Cake

Enter the ‘Elevated Nostalgia’ chapter of Sweet Tooth, where nostalgic baking reigns supreme. Like, remember that sensationally rich and decadent chocolate cake from the classic 90’s movie Matilda? I recreated it. This ridiculously moist chocolate cake delivers out-of-this-world fudginess thanks to 2 secret ingredients. You’ll just have to order your copy to find out what they are!


Cherry Danish Cake

My ‘Inventive Sweets’ chapter of Sweet Tooth is all about taking familiar flavors and putting them into new and exciting forms. And this Cherry Danish Cake is one of those confections. It’s got all the flavors of a delicious Cherry Danish with half the work, thanks to swapping homemade pastry for a quick vanilla-almond cake base. Come to mama.


Orange Pull-Apart Bread

From coffee-dunking Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake Donuts to this spectacular Orange Pull-Apart Bread, the ‘Brunch Bakes’ chapter of Sweet Tooth is guaranteed to get you up and out of your PJs and into your apron.


Apple Rose Tart

Presentation is key in the next chapter of Sweet Tooth, so much so that it’s called ‘Almost Too Pretty To Eat.” Emphasis on the almost. Because when a dessert like Apple Rose Tart- complete with a buttery crust, almond frangipane base, and rolls of apple ‘roses’- is on the table, how could you not dive in?!


Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies

While the best time of the year to bake is anytime, September – December takes a close second place. That’s why I crammed as many holiday flavors as I could into the pages of the ‘Holiday Baking’ chapter. Think dense and delicious Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies, warm and comforting Brown Sugar–Walnut Dutch Apple Pie, and the most perfectly Spiced Snickerdoodle Cookies. Mmmmm.


A Single Peanut Butter–Fluff Crispy Treat

Single-serve dessert people, I see you! In fact, I made a whole chapter for you! ‘Table for One’ is filled with 14 (!) desserts perfect for one or two people, like this annoyingly delicious Single Peanut Butter–Fluff Crispy Treat that you push into the side of a loaf pan to make that perfect rice krispie shape. Genius, right?!

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sweet praises

  • There’s a reason millions of home bakers love Sarah Fennel’s Broma Bakery and 100 of them are packed between these covers. From Vanilla-Bean Blackberry Scones to a three-layer Espresso Martini Cake, these are recipes to make us happy from morning to midnight. Sweet Tooth is like being in the kitchen with Sarah, and that’s a treat.

    Dorie Greenspan, NYT bestselling author of Baking with Dorie 
  • Sarah is my ultimate baking guru—her debut cookbook, Sweet Tooth, is my go-to baking book for now and always. It’s packed with everything a sweet tooth could dream of, from classics like her irresistible Crackle-Top Brownies to inventive delights like her Baklava Cheesecake. Whether it’s a cozy weeknight treat for my family or a show-stopping dessert to impress guests at gatherings, Sarah’s recipes always deliver. Trust me, everyone needs Sarah’s book to bake their heart out!

    -Alex Snodgrass, NYT Bestselling Author and Creator of The Defined Dish
  • Sarah has always been the baker who showed me desserts should be more than delicious, they should be fun, and Sweet Tooth proves that to a T. Each recipe is uniquely gorgeous, with an edge of playfulness that you can tell comes straight from Sarah herself. Reading this book was like a lesson in dog-earing pages, because trust me, you’ll want to make every single thing.

    -Justine Doiron, author of Justine Cooks, creator of Justine Snacks
  • In Sarah Fennel’s first cookbook Sweet Tooth, she hands her baking cheat codes over to anyone looking to weave a bit of sweetness into their busy lives. From make-ahead strategies to treats you can prep in as little as 15 minutes, she’s got you covered. Her fab mix of creativity (hello Coffee Cake Cookies!), jaw-dropping pics, and down-to-earth tips will seriously level up your baking game. Sweet Tooth is a must have for the baking enthusiast.

    -Jocelyn Delk Adams, Award Winning Author of Everyday Grand: Soulful Recipes for Celebrating Life’s Big and Small Moments
  • Sweet Tooth is the modern day baking bible. Sarah not only knows how to craft creative and nostalgic recipes that are somehow exactly what you want to bake (and eat), but she has decades of experience that equip you with exactly what you need to do to troubleshoot, substitute, and avoid any baking fails. Her expertise shines through in each recipe, almost like having your (hilarious) best friend in the kitchen holding your hand each step of the way. Oh, and the ‘Dessert for One’ chapter? Genius!

    -Carissa Stanton, Author of Seriously, So Good
  • An accessible, warm-hearted, and inviting book filled with sweet treats both classic and unexpected—there’s truly something for everyone.

    -Natasha Pickowicz, author of More Than Cake
  • I have been craving a book by Sarah for years and she has delivered! The recipes are absolutely drool-worthy, playful, yet still approachable–even for the most novice bakers! Sarah’s absolutely gorgeous photos and detailed instruction invite you in from the moment you open the book. From desserts loved by all like her Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies to more adventurous sweets like her Espresso Martini Cake, Sarah delivers excitement and creativity in every single page. An instant classic!

    -Monique Volz, creator of Ambitious Kitchen and author of The Ambitious Kitchen Cookbook

Why is it important
to pre-order your copy?

Pre-orders are a HUGE deal for cookbooks. Here are just some of the reasons pre-orders are important for me, and for YOU!

  1. 1. Pre-orders help encourage retailers to place large orders, which means more books on more shelves at your favorite bookstore!
  2. 2. The more pre-orders an author gets, the more opportunities for in-person events (because I would love to meet you in person in your city!!!).
  3. 3. Anyone who pre-orders Sweet Tooth will get exclusive access to giveaways, merch drops, and free live baking classes that I’m so excited to share with you in the coming months. Yay, free stuff!