Chocolate Pistachio Spoon Meringues

Chocolate Pistachio Spoon Meringues. Mmmmm. 

No Bake Black Cherry & Waffle Parfait

So umm yes hello welcome to today’s recipe: a no-bake Black Cherry & Waffle Parfait. 

Vegan Peanut Butter Mudslide Ice Cream

Guys. Vegan peanut butter ice cream. With vegan chocolate ganache swirls for days. And graham crackers. lskdjflaksjdhflkajhsf. 

Raspberry Rose Macarons

Honestly, have you ever heard of a more elegant combination than raspberry + rose + macaron? I don’t think I … Continue Reading

“The Best Thing You’ve Made All Year” S’mores Ice Box Cake

That’s right, people. Alex calls this S’mores Ice Box Cake “the best thing you’ve made all year.”