We're getting back to basics, breaking down exactly how to make buttercream frosting. This perfect buttercream frosting will complete any cake or cookie!

Hey there, friends. I hope this message finds you healthy and adjusting to this unsettling time. Sofi and I are thinking of you and your loved ones, and sending good vibes your way.

This past week has been surreal. People are quarantined, shelves at grocery stores are empty, and we have no idea what next week- heck, what tomorrow- is going to be like.

Here’s a reminder to breathe through all of the anxiety and uncertainty. It’s scary. But we’re going to get through it together.

For many of us who are healthy and able, in the coming weeks we’re going to be home a lot more, looking for things to keep us occupied and entertained. So this weekend on Instagram stories I asked how I can best serve you moving forward, given the current world climate.

Your responses were invaluable, as I went from guessing what we should be doing to having a much clearer understanding of how we can move forward with your needs in mind.

Here are the most common responses i saw:

-Tilly/cat content
-Pantry cooking recipes
-Pantry baking recipes
-Petrie (if you don’t know what this is, look at my Instagram story highlight)
-Normal life stuff to keep you distracted
-Photography tips & tricks to learn while staying home
-Recipe roundups

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Sofi and I are already working on a bunch of recipe roundups (check out out first one coming today!), including our favorite cooking and baking recipes using only pantry ingredients and easy at-home substitutions for various ingredients.

In addition, my Foodtography School team and I have decided to release every live masterclass we’ve ever done- entirely for free- for some fun educational content to keep you busy if you’re feeling cooped up at home. Find them all here.

This week we’re also committing to donating 50% of all of our Foodtography School profits to Feeding America and the work they’re doing to help high-risk families who typically rely on school meals to feed their children. You can find out more about Feeding America here. And if you’re looking for more places you can donate to during this time, Esquire has a great article on how you can help.

In these times, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by everything happening around us. Yet let’s take time to focus on gratitude, to spread positivity, and to support each other and our communities as best we can.

And of course we’ll keep on posting delicious recipes throughout the coming weeks. Because we all need a little sweet pick-me-ups and normalcy during this time <3

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