Bourbon Vanilla French Toast

September 23, 2019
September 23, 2019

Bourbon Vanilla French Toast

A custardy french toast made with a splash of bourbon and pure vanilla extract makes for the perfect weekend breakfast

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Bourbon Vanilla French Toast

A custardy french toast made with a splash of bourbon and pure vanilla extract makes for the perfect weekend breakfast treat!

bourbon vanilla french toast drizzled with maple syrup pour

I have a very heavy hand when it comes to vanilla. It enhances every dessert it goes in, really giving things that extra je ne sais quoi. 

overhead shot of two plates of french toast with whipped cream and berries

Of course, the importance of high quality vanilla in any recipe is of the utmost importance. Because not all vanillas are created equal, my friends. Like that fake vanilla extract that they call “imitation vanilla?” Um I’m sorry… what the heck is that!?

bourbon vanilla french toast stack with a generous pour of maple syrup

My vanilla extract of choice for years has been Rodelle’s Pure Vanilla Extract. It’s made from high quality bourbon vanilla beans and aged for months, creating a luxurious extract full of flavor. And not only is their product fantastic, but Rodelle has a vertically integrated supply chain, meaning they work directly with vanilla farmers and cultivate strong relationships with their cooperatives. 

rodelle vanilla extract with vanilla french toast

Rodelle is actually one of the first brands I ever worked with on the blog! So it makes me SO happy to continue our relationship and bring you all delectable vanilla recipes like this one. So let’s talk about this Bourbon Vanilla French Toast, shall we? 

french toast cut into triangles topped with whipped cream and berries

How to make the best bourbon vanilla french toast ever:

First off, I think we can all agree that there is nothing worse than a French Toast that tastes like watery soggy bread. Like, ew. So, without further adieu , here are  the keys to the best French Toast ever: 

  1. Use a high ratio of eggs to milk to get that custardy texture
  2. Use whole milk, not low-fat milk
  3. Use a little flour. This will create more of a batter and less of a liquid

egg being cracked into bowl

overhead shot of sugar falling into bowl

milk pouring into bowl from overhead

rodelle vanilla poured into bowl

transfer batter to shallow dish for french toast

dip one piece of bread in at a time to soak

flip bread to ensure even soaking on both sides

Next up, flavoring. Bourbon is a natural pairing with vanilla, since both have a warm and slightly spiced quality to them. I brought out that warmth even more with just a hiiint of cinnamon, which really ties everything together. 

overhead shot of plate of french toast with whipped cream and berries

In terms of soaking your Bourbon Vanilla French Toast, I opted to soak each slice for 1-2 minutes. I came up with a great system where as soon as I put a slice onto my pan, I put a slice into my egg batter, then repeated every time I made a new slice. It was the perfect amount of soaking time! 

bourbon vanilla french toast being drizzled with maple syurp

And last, the pan. I always use a non-stick pan with any sort of griddle cake, French Toast included. It creates an even heat, and makes flipping your FT a breeze. 

stack of bourbon vanilla french toast with glass of milk

Alright loves, I can’t wait to hear what you think of this Bourbon Vanilla French Toast! And next time you’re at the store, be sure to pick up some Rodelle. They’re an amazing company that I love to support, and their quality is truly top notch 🙂

Are you ready for this French Toast? Head over to where you can find the full recipe writeup HERE.

This post is sponsored by Rodelle. All text and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for continuing to support the brands who help make Broma possible!

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  1. I cut this down to 1/3 to make sure I liked it before using a whole loaf, and YUM! For sure making a whole portion next time because I’m very picky about French Toast and this was delish.

  2. Thank you Sarah and Roswell. This is a recipe for awesome French Toast! Also thank you for the French Toast tips for best French Toast every time!