Broma Bakery Food Photography Workshop!

May 1, 2017
May 1, 2017

Broma Bakery Food Photography Workshop!

Friends! I am thrilled to announce that I am hosting a 4-day food photography workshop this summer in Ann Arbor,

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Broma Bakery Food Photography Workshop!

Come join us July 13-16, 2017 for a 4-day food photography workshop in Ann Arbor, MI!

Friends! I am thrilled to announce that I am hosting a 4-day food photography workshop this summer in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years, and with the help of my new (and totally badass) assistant, I’ve put together a seriously epic workshop for you guys.

Join me from July 13th-16th, 2017 in downtown Ann Arbor, where we’ll style, plate, and shoot everything from multi-layer carrot cakes to locally-sourced vegetables. We’ll spend our days in the most beautiful carriage house in the center of town, and supplement our learning with a trip to the local farmer’s market, a cocktail class, tapas on the patio of one of the best restaurants in town, and a private multi-course dinner cooked by an award-winning local chef, among other activities.

Rose all day       Roasted Asparagus with Blood Oranges and Fennel

I’m teaming up with the amazingly talented Sherrie Castellano of With Food + Love, who will be preparing all of our meals. Sherrie has been working in the food industry since she was 15, and we have created a truly sensational menu for the workshop that we will all style, shoot, and devour together 🙂

Ann Arbor is a foodie’s paradise. In the summer, the streets are filled with festivals, art fairs, and patios galore. You’ll have free time to walk down Main Street, grab a drink at Bill’s Beer Garden, or explore the scenic Nichols Arboretum. I went to college in Ann Arbor, so it’s a place near and dear to my heart, and a place I know you’ll love.

Smashed Potatoes        Fresh Strawberry LoveParsley

Workshop Highlights

This workshop is designed for budding food photographers who understand the basics of food photography and are looking to expand their skill set. We recommend prior knowledge of DSLR camera settings and editing. Throughout the workshop, we’ll have open discussions and conversations where we will share our career goals and cultivate a strong and welcoming community of budding food photographers. I so look forward to getting to know each and every person who joins us for this workshop. Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you have. Primary topics will include:

The Fundamentals of Photography
We’ll start our workshop with a brief overview of photography. We’ll then get to know our cameras and settings, as well as ISO, shutter speed, and depth of field.

How do you create a well-composed food image? We’ll discuss the rule of thirds, balance, and geometry, as well as tips and tricks for nailing the perfect food shot.

From that drippy caramel to a perfect powdered sugar dusting, we will analyze movement and motion in our food photos. We’ll also learn about suggestive movement and how to incorporate movement into still-life photography.

Dill Roasted Beets + Pistachios        Farmhouse Pottery Plates <3

Styling + Props
Which props are the ‘right’ props? How do you style a flat object versus a round object? And how the heck do you place that linen so it looks so dreamy and natural? We’ll have a wealth of props at our disposal thanks to some awesome sponsors, and multiple hours to play around with different backgrounds, decors, and dishes.

Restaurant Photography
I worked in the Ann Arbor restaurant industry for 4 years, so we’re teaming up with some of my favorite places to learn and practice restaurant photography. We’ll get hands-on experience shooting in different settings, moving beyond the typical studio setting to broaden our food photography horizons.

Learning to photograph is only half of the skill set needed to master food photography. We’ll do an in-depth tutorial of Lightroom, as well as learn various editing techniques to make your food pop.

Marketing + Client Work
In just two years, I’ve built my blog into a profitable business. I’m going to share some of my biggest secrets when it comes to marketing yourself and signing clients time after time. We’ll discuss branding techniques, finding your individual voice, and how to reach out to clients and get paid to photograph food.

Workshop Details:

4pm Thursday, July 13 to 12pm Sunday, July 16, 2017
Ann Arbor, MI

 Our workshop home for the week       Our workshop home for the weekOur workshop home for the week

Premium hotel accommodations a 5 minute walk from the house
All teaching sessions and workshops
Welcome basket filled with local goodies for each attendee
Dinner Thursday, all meals Friday and Saturday, and breakfast Sunday
Welcome dinner with award-winning local chef Sarah Welch
Trip to farmers market to obtain local produce
Styling session and lunch at Fred’s
Private on-site cocktail workshop
Styling session and farewell dinner at Aventura

Nearest airport
Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Not included
Airfare and transportation to Ann Arbor (email me for additional details- Ubering from the airport is typically $30)

What to bring (the following are necessary to participate in the workshop):
DSLR camera
Laptop with Adobe Lightroom (download a free 30-day trial here)



Update 5/8/17: we have officially SOLD OUT! If you would still like to have your name added to our waitlist or would like to be informed of future workshops, email me at [email protected].

Seats are limited! Due to the intimate nature of this workshop, we are capping attendees at 13 total. We already have a high volume of interest and expect tickets to sell fast. Be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to see you here!

Nom Noms       Cheese PlateHydrangea Arrangement

PS- a huge thank you to Farmhouse Pottery and Vermont Creamery for donating props and food for this shoot. They are both some of the awesome sponsors we have lined up for this workshop!

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  1. Soooo jealous that I missed this workshop! I am also from Ann Arbor and would’ve loved to attend, hope you will consider doing another one in Ann Arbor this summer! Your blog, recipes and photography are all incredible, love what you do!

  2. Ohmygooooosh I want to go!!!! <3 You're so super talented darling! sidetone: what's your go-to lens? I'm getting super bored with m nifty fifty and need inspiration for what to upgrade to next!