It’s almost December.


Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday I was suntanning (read: getting burned) at the lake. But no, fall and all that comes with it (aka Thanksgiving) has come and gone, and it’s freaking holiday season!!!

When it comes to giving gifts to friends and family, I always get so stumped. So to help myself (and hopefully you guys) out, I’m creating a 4-part Holiday Gift Guide!

Part 1? For him. Click on each product above to take you to it, or click the links below. Enjoy!

  1. London Undercover UmbrellaBecause winter is coming.
  2. Daniel Wellington Sheffield WatchI bought this watch for Alex the second year we were dating. And then again in the third year, because he lost the original. And then again in the fourth year, because he wanted another color. So yeah, we like this watch.
  3. Reigning Champ Terry Sweatshirt: If your man is tall and athletic, Reigning Champ is where it’s at. Alex has a long torso and broad shoulders, and this company is tailored to athletic builds. It fits him like a dream.
  4. Chup Deer Socks: A Christmas without socks isn’t a real Christmas.
  5. Ray-Ban 49mm Retro Sunglasses: Retro sunglasses are all the rage this season.
  6. Game Of Thrones 5-Book Boxed Set: For those of you missing the typical Sunday night spent watching HBO’s Game Of Thrones, tide your man (and yourself) over with this 5-book set!
  7. Blackwitch Plaid Flannel: There’s something about a guy in flannel I just love. And for only $39, what’s not to like?
  8. Cole Haan Barrington Messenger Bag: This is the perfect murse (aka male purse). It fits all the essentials for going to work or traveling. Alex has had his for 2 years and it’s aged beautifully.
  9. Allbirds Sneakers: OK it’s becoming clear that I’m just suggesting gifts that Alex already has and loves. He got these sneakers this fall and they’re made from 100% Merino wool. So like super comfy.
  10. Amazon Echo Dot: At only $39.99, this is the year’s perfect tech gadget for, well, everyone. We got our echo dot last week and have been shouting “Alexa!” so much you’d think she was our roommate.
  11. Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones: Get these for your man so you can sing in the shower without hurting his eardrums.
  12. Reversible Leather Belt: A two-fer! But seriously, there’s nothing better than a good leather belt. Except for maybe a reversible one.


Marina @ A Dancer's Live-It

LOVE this guide because I still have no idea what to get my boyfriend!! He loves Game of Thrones so that box set is perfect!


This is amazing. Buying for the men is SO DIFFICULT

Abby @ Heart of a Baker

My husband is SO hard to shop for, so this is perfect! Also, I’ve been eyeing those shoes for myself, so Merry Christmas to me?

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