A fragrant banana layer cake made with homemade dulce de leche frosting!

A fragrant banana layer cake made with homemade dulce de leche frosting!

I feel like I need to take a deep breath before introducing this cake. Like I have a celebrity in my midst and I don’t quite know how to acknowledge their presence.


Friends, allow me to introduce to you Dulce de Leche Banana Layer Cake.  I’m talking a moist, three layer banana cake slathered in a tangy dulce de leche frosting, then topped with a dripping of dulce de leche.


A fragrant banana layer cake made with homemade dulce de leche frosting!

Years ago, my dad took my sister and I to Mexico for spring break. I’m not talking Sprang Braek 2001 (thank you, James Franco)… More like a week in Mexico with our dad.

Those 7 days were amazing. Morings on the beach swimming and snorkeling, afternoons exploring the local region, and dinners in town at local restaurants. It was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had.

One of my favorite memories was an afternoon spent swimming at a hotel we stumbled upon quite literally on the side of the road. It had 7-10 beautiful guest rooms and a crystal-clear pool that Rebe and I immediately gravitated towards. Two hours into finding this piece of paradise, our hands were pruny and our bodies pickled from being in the chlorine so long.

A fragrant banana layer cake made with homemade dulce de leche frosting!

As the sun went down over the ocean, our dad asked if we’d like to stay for dinner. After scarfing a plate of pad thai, then ordering a second plate and eating another hefty plate, we settled on bananas foster for dessert.

It was the best banana dish I had ever had.

I have to say, there’s something about banana that gets me every time. I would never pick a banana from a fruit bowl, yet given the opportunity for a slice of banana cake, I would accept every. single. time.

Bananas baked into a delicious cake makes for an epic dessert.

And today, we’re taking bananas to a baked level they’ve never seen before.

A fragrant banana layer cake made with homemade dulce de leche frosting!

The moist and fluffy banana cake is accentuated by an addicting dulce de leche frosting. The frosting has all the taste of dulce de leche with a subtle tangy bite, thanks to the addition of cream cheese.

It makes for quite possibly the most addicting banana dessert I’ve ever had.

I mean, just LOOK at that caramel drip. Are you drooling yet?!

I’m so happy to be partnering with Dixie Crystals for this recipe. Their sugar was the perfect base for this recipe.

Get the recipe on the Dixie Crystals website!

This post was graciously sponsored by Dixie Crystals. All opinions are my own. 



Yummy for my sunday Banana layer cake, I love the way you cover it with caramel

Beeta @ Mon Petit Four

This cake is definitely a star, Sarah! I am exactly like you when it comes to bananas..I never pick them from the fruit basket but I’m always a sucker for them in dessert. This cake looks incredible, and the banana flavor with the dulce de leche sounds amazing! You’ve done a gorgeous job here, deary! XO

Sarah | Broma Bakery

Right? My sister thinks it’s crazy, but we know what’s up 🙂

Traci | Vanilla And Bean

I think I heard a drum roll with that intro, Sarah. Yes, please on banana love in cake, it’s like magic! Gorgeous presentation and mouthwatering appeal! Bravo!

Sarah | Broma Bakery

Aww, thank you Traci! <3

Kelley @ Chef Savvy

What a beautiful cake!! Almost too pretty to eat!

Blyda de Waal

I made this cake over the past weekend and it was incredible! Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe 🙂

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