How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25

Hello! That’s me! A little bloggy-blogger in her brand new office.

I feel so adult. It’s my first i’m-a-real-grown-up-not-just-working-out-of-my-bedroom…. office.

And even more adult-like, I hired an interior designer to decorate it.

Now if you had told struggling college me that I would be able to hire an interior designer as a 25 year old, I would’ve called you a liar. But it’s true and it’s a service called Havenly. And it’s actually the best thing ever. 

How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25

I found out about Havenly through one of my best friends. One day she casually mentioned how she was working with an interior designer on her bedroom.

“Wait, whut,” I said.

I had to know everything. “Yeah, and it’s only $200,” she said.

As in, for $200, you get a completely designed room by a real-life interior designer.

Alex and I had just moved to Detroit, and I needed to get things for my then-empty office anyways. So I was like SIGN ME UP.

How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25        How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25I took a design quiz on Havenly’s site, and got matched with one of their interior designers based on my tastes. I was able to view designers’ past work to get a sense of their style, and ultimately got to choose who I wanted to work with.

I knew I wanted a designer with a minimal, masculine portfolio. Shelby, Havenly’s director of design, had just that. She completely understood my style and the vibe I wanted for the room.

How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25        How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25Sarah’s style was a great blend of minimal and bohemian. Her inspiration was full of Scandinavian influences and clean lines with just the right amount of bohemian flair! The space to start is gorgeous, with amazing, big windows, high ceilings, and an abundance of natural light, so keeping everything else light, clean, and organized felt like the right move to make this a space that would actually motivate you to get to work! I relied on symmetry, repetition and minimal color to make the room feel balanced and clean. Styling the shelves and using movable pieces like the desks on wheels with crisp white surfaces seemed to work really well for Sarah’s daily needs (shooting, bloggin, etc).

-Shelby Girard, Havenly Director of Design

I sent Shelby inspiration photos of rooms, styles, and furniture I liked, as well as photos of my office. I was able to set whatever budget I needed to furnish and decorate my room ($2,000), and to keep certain items I already had in my room (basically a bunch of props and some plants).

Shelby then sent back 2 concepts of my space. They both had a mostly-white feel, as well as the organic and worldly pops of color. I wanted everything to be functional, and both of the concepts nailed that. But I still wasn’t settled on a few items, so Shelby and I talked back and forth about what might be a better fit.

After I decided on a few more details, I gave Shelby the OK to create my final design. Here it was!

Havenly Final Design 1Havenly Final Design 2

I was in love. The rug was the coolest thing ever, and Shelby nailed it with the white bookshelves and the tobacco leather butterfly chair. I also loved the pair of metal rolling desks I now shoot on (they can easily go wherever the best light is in the room at the time!), as well as the matching metal file cabinet for my receipts and invoices.

It was bright and fresh, and exactly what I wanted.

How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25        How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25Now from there, I could’ve said thanks to Shelby and arranged to buy all the pieces on my own. There was no expectation of me buying anything through Havenly, which was awesome.

However, Havenly automatically price-matches all the retailers they work with (Crate & Barrel, Target, Urban Outfitters, Wayfair, etc!) and handles shipping details. So I chose to get things through their site.

How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25

So why choose Havenly? Shelby says it all:

Havenly is the EASIEST way to decorate your home. Our price point, for the value you get, is unmatched. We also take pride in our amazing set of designers that we screen and train thoroughly. We do the hard work for you by hand selecting a set of designers we think would be a perfect match for you based on your style, and our process is built to work with you and your feedback to result in a room you love! We are design-forward, but we’re also accessible, affordable, and we get that not everyone has a huge budget for interior design 🙂

-Shelby Girard, Havenly Director of Design

In addition, I eliminated so much time, energy, and stress that goes along with picking out dozens of individual items from multiple stores that, in the end, might not actually work together.

And as someone who was moving and needed to buy a ton of furniture anyways, it was like why wouldn’t I do this?!

So that’s how I hired an interior designer at 25. And if you have $200, you can, too.

How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25       How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25

How I Hired An Interior Designer at 25

Here’s a complete list of everything from my space:

Detroit Poster | Floor Lamp (mine is sold out. this is a similar style) | Metal Work Desks | Metal Filing Cabinet | Desk Chairs | Tobacco Leather Butterfly Chair | Sheepskin Rug (used as my desk chair pad) | Faux Fur Pillow (used as desk chair pillow) | Area Rug | Copper Wire Baskets | Rattan Pouf | Gold Giraffe | Glass Plant Mister | Potted Black Succulent | Plants: Ikea | Grey Tufted Ottoman: Homegoods

This post contains contains affiliate links

Disclosure: I partnered with Heavenly on this sponsored post and highly recommend their services. All opinions and text are my own. Thanks for supporting the companies that help make Broma possible!

Photos by Hayden Stinebaugh


Monique @ Ambitious Kitchen

Love love love!!!!! Havenly is the best ever.

Abby @ Heart of a Baker

Um I need this! I’m very much design challenged and as soon as we move next year (wherever we end up going, maybe we will be neighbors!), I’m getting on this, 100%. I love love all the white and clean lines!

Julie @ Table for Two

Pretty sure I am going to use this service when we move to our new house. I’ll have a big bright office space/studio and cannot wait! I absolutely love your space! Can I come live there? 🙂

Rhian @ Rhian's Recipes

Sounds amazing! Gorgeous pictures too!


Very intersting would love to give it a try! Wouldve been great if they had shared a coupon.

Marina @ A Dancer's Live-It

Sooooo I need this in my life!!! I’m 21 and love the sound of $200 for ALL of that…so worth it! Thanks for sharing about this lovely! You’re such a beautiful model 🙂

Skylar Allen

This is the office of my dreams! SO beautiful!

xo, Skylar


Having seen this in person, and knowing your passion for the product, and LOVING your photographs and presentation I hope Havenly
” blows up” with interested people.

Sometimes you have a final feeling in mind, but another person can see things through your eyes even more clearly. Neat , clean lines, good color, excellent use of space . I was excited to contact them myself!

Congrats on one of your best demonstrations of a phenomenal product! I would love to use them in the future. Keep moving forward!




What a great post! But I’m really loving your jeans! Where can I find them?!

Sarah | Broma Bakery

Aw, thanks! Got them here. I just LOVE the fit and the large rips are unique 🙂


Thanks mucho!! Can’t wait to pick up a pair.


Gorgeous! I totally want to do this!

Sarah | Broma Bakery

Girlfriend you HAVE to! It was such a fantastic experience– can’t recommend it enough!


Love it, so well done sarah. where did you pick the bookshelves?

Sarah | Broma Bakery

They’re from Ikea! We love them.

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