Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly

The moment is here at last! After months in the making, our dining room is finally finished, and I could not be happier.

When Alex and I moved into our current apartment, we struggled the hardest with designing our dining room. It’s a small space in the corner of our apartment. It’s narrow, awkward, and away from any natural light. Essentially, it’s a dark corner. Ugh.

A few months into living here, I tried to tackle designing our dining room on my own. I bought a high top table, put in some shelves, and hung a mirror. But it still looked awful, cramped, and dark.

So, feeling defeated, I reached out to my friends at Havenly, a virtual design service that connects you to an interior decorator based on your design preferences. They had designed my office space last fall, and it was the most awesome and stress-free process, ever.

Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly

Working with Havenly is easy. You fill out a design quiz, then get paired with a professional who is with you every step of the process. You talk through your goals with your space, your frustrations, and your budget, and your designer comes up with 2-3 concepts based on your individual needs.

After that, they give you a “shopping” list of products you can buy on your own, or buy directly from Havenly’s site. They price match to make sure you get the best deal possible, and they work out all shipping so you don’t have to put your credit card into, like 7 websites.

Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly        Designing Our Dining Room with HavenlyEspecially having tried to design our dining room myself, I felt like the space was going to be a flop no matter what. So I figured I had nothing to lose by deferring to the professionals. Plus, Havenly’s entire process is only $200 for an entire room- a total steal for working with your own interior designer. I mean, how cool is that?

In the end, my designer Shelby, whom I had worked with on my office space, put together a stunning minimal space with organic elements to balance it all out. She listened to everything I had to say, and provided multiple alternatives to various light fixtures, wall hangings, and tables.

The result is a light and airy dining room, with attention to detail and a great mixture of Alex’s and my styles.

Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly

Our favorite piece has to be our dining table, a minimalist white base with a blonde chevron-patterned wood on top. They actually only had it with a dark base online, so I spray painted it white to match the lightness of the space. It’s so unique and a piece I know we’ll have for years to come.

I’m also obsessed with our art pieces, a triptych Shelby picked out from a few different websites. The top left is an old photograph of Woodward Ave here in Detroit. Below it is a beautiful moody portrait of flowers from Artfully Walls. And on the right, my personal favorite, is from Society 6.

Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly        Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly

Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly        Designing Our Dining Room with HavenlyOverall, we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. I still get giddy every time I walk into our place and see our dining room. It’s just so perfect, and everything I ever wanted for the space.

Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly        Designing Our Dining Room with HavenlyFor all you our there looking for a fresh redesign of a room in your own home, Havenly is graciously offering 25% off of their design services to Broma fans when you use the code ‘BROMA25’ at checkout. Or, get it for friend as a gift this holiday season! ORRR get it for me, because I want Havenly to design my whole house. HA!

Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly        Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly

Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly

Disclosure: I partnered with Heavenly on this sponsored post and highly recommend their services. All opinions and text are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that help make Broma possible!

Photos by Hayden Stinebaugh

Here’s a complete list of everything in the space:

Dining table (I got in 60″ but they only have 48″ right now!)  | Dining ChairsRug | Floor Mirror | Wall Sconces | Planter | Flower Photograph | Hands In The Air Photograph


Liz S.

Love the decor!

Deb Pelton

Well, that looks like a wonderful combination of bright and airy and cozy-perfect. Also YOU know how to cook. Win win win in my book!


I love Havenly!

Leigh Ann

Look so beautiful! What a lovely space you have created!


Ummmmmm this is freaking GORGEOUS!

Mary Ann | The Beach House Kitchen

Beautiful space Sarah! I’ve never heard of Havenly. I’ll need to check them out.

Matt Robinson

We could definitely use their help, so cool seeing what they can do!

Naomi Robinson

You did a great job and it’s got to be so fun having their help. Matt and I definitely need to check them out.

Nora (A Clean Bake)

Hey Sarah! The room looks great. Can you re-link the chairs? I’d love to see where they are from, but the link is taking me to the google homepage right now. Thx!

Sarah | Broma Bakery

Oh sorry about that! Fixed!


It totally suits you! Love it.

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