Get your jam on with us this month. Introducing our favorite tunes to listen to this month with our March Spotify playlist.

Guys! I’m SO excited about this post! It’s the start of a new series where we share our current songs in a monthly Spotify playlist with you all.

As someone who works from home, I need to be listening to something constantly. Sometimes it’s having Netflix on in the background. Sometimes it’s a podcast while I cook in the kitchen, but most of the time it’s a Spotify playlist.

So the other week one of my employees, Shanley, suggested we do a monthly Spotify playlist and I was ALL about it! And here we are  🙂

Starting with this March Spotify Playlist rn, we’ll release a new playlist at the beginning of each month. You can expect about 20-30 songs for ample listening and a total smorgasbord of genres based on whatever we’re especially loving to listen to that month! Right now we’re listening to everything from Leon Bridges to Kayne, so we promise we’ve got you covered, no matter what type of tunes you like to listen to.

Sofi and I have been listening to and perfecting our March Spotify playlist all week while we cook and work and photograph, and I have to say…we’re pretty into it.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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