September in Pictures

September 30, 2014
September 30, 2014

September in Pictures

It’s been an absolutely fantastic month. I quit my job, updated Broma and have been baking up a sugar storm, nailed

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September in Pictures


It’s been an absolutely fantastic month. I quit my job, updated Broma and have been baking up a sugar storm, nailed down some freelance gigs, surprise-visited my sister Rebe in upstate NY on her birthday, did some fun home decorating projects, and just came back from an amazing weekend in Chicago. Seriously. Couldn’t have been better.

I’ve decided that because of all these changes, I’d do a little Life in Pictures post. You guys like this kind of stuff, right? The girl behind the pictures of brownies with flour-dusted hair and a counter full of half-eaten baked goods? OK. Good.

September started out with the job quitting. It’s not something I like to talk about here, but what I will say is that it was a well-worth it decision for me. I’ve had so much more peace of mind in this past month than I’ve had in a year and a half, and am beyond enjoying the freedom of working for myself. I’ve gone on two trips: one to visit my sister in upstate New York for her birthday, and one to Chicago with the BF. I’ve read like 4 books (I just finished Sharp Objects, which was super entertaining and an easy Sunday read). I’ve otherwise kept busy with blogging (duh), yoga (double duh), and side projects, such as making over a bar cart and decorating our loft.

And I started a pottery class! It’s called Wheel Throwing 101. Straight up Ghost stuff, minus Patrick Swayze and all that. I can’t wait to make mugs and then drink coffee out of them.

The trip to visit my sister made me so happy. It was her 21st birthday weekend, and I surprised her by booking a ticket, coordinating with her housemates, and showing up on Friday night. We had the best weekend, going to the farmer’s market, shopping around town, walking around beautiful streets filled with carriage houses and victorian mansions. We had dinner on a covered patio at a swanky Creole restaurant, then proceeded to have a party for her 21st, and go to the bars downtown. In the morning, her housemates made waffles. It was too cute.

You know those times when nothing compares to being with your family? This was one of those trips. I love my sister.

The trip to Chicago was a short but sweet weekend getaway. Alex and I drove out on Saturday morning and got to Chicago by midday. We dropped our things off at the apartment, then walked around town for hours. We made our way to Eataly Chicago, where we had the best sandwich of our lives. It was $16 and worth every penny. What was it, you ask? A perfectly crisp and chewy baguette smothered in EVOO, then stuffed with thick slices of prime rib, then doused in more olive oil.

I know, I know. How could it have been that good? All I can say is but it was. If you are ever in Chicago, you must go to Eataly and get this sandwich.

Alex refused to go shopping without having a beer first, so we then pitstopped at a bar and went to Michigan Ave. After what he called “tipsy shopping” we went to see Lake Michigan and scurried home to get ready for dinner. We went to a lively spot in River North (I’m doing a cocktail post this week that’s inspired by a drink I had there), then headed over to an outdoor lounge/club/whatever where we sat by a fire pit and looked out over the city. The next morning we got brunch at The Publican, where I had the best sticky bun of my life. Just look at the pictures below. It was insane. A weekend of good food, to say the least.

Now I’m back at our loft in Ann Arbor with a bath towel over my head, eating the remainder of my 6 Pound Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake (I even took it with us on the trip to Chicago. Don’t judge). I’m content. I’m more than content. I’m happy.

I cannot wait for October.

Donuts at the Saratoga Farmer’s Market
Birthday girl at the most adorable spot in Saratoga
“Aaaand I’m 21 so let’s go” -Rebe
Bar Cart- After
Homegoods finds that I’m obsessed with
Our view of Lake Michigan in Chicago
This guy!
Best sandwich of our lives at Eataly Chicago
On the waterfront
Walking to dinner
The Publican’s sticky bun. AHHH.
…because it deserves two pictures.
And more brunch to top it off! Look at that bacon!



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  1. Sounds like you had a great month! I really do like this idea of capturing your month in a blog post. I am really jealous you went to Eataly, I have been wanting to go so badly! We went to Chicago over the summer but it was only a 3 day trip. Somehow, I have managed to only ever eat amazing food when visiting the Midwest!

    • LOVED it. Seriously girl you have to get this sandwich. They have it every day of the week. Dinner was at Siena Tavern, which I’ve been to twice now because it is that good! Let me know what you two think 🙂