Last month, I went on one of the best trips of my life with Vibe Israel, a non-profit whose mission is to strengthen Israel’s brand in the world. I, along with three other influencers, was invited on a week-long tour of Israel, centered around my favorite subject: food.

It was truly an experience like no other. From the markets of Jerusalem to the world-class restaurants of Tel Aviv, I witnessed kindness and hospitality that had me falling in love with Israel and its people.

This is the first of a 3-part series I am writing on Israel. I will be talking more about my personal experience in Israel in a few weeks, but for now I loved the idea of sharing the absolutely incredible food I ate during my week abroad.

Whether you find yourself in Israel for a few days and need a dinner recommendation or a month and want to hit all the best spots, there is something here for every palate. L’chayim

Get breakfast at:

Cafe 65

Start the most important meal of the day at this stunning brunch spot, known as one of the best in Tel Aviv. From the richest, chocolaty-est Babka to fresh pressed juices, everything at Cafe 65 is prepared to perfection. Pro tip: the Green Shakshuka is a must.

Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel        Foodie's Guide To Israel

Eat authentic Israeli pastries at:

Albert Confectionery

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s Florentin district, Albert Confectionery is a tiny, no-frills pastry shop known for the best marzipan in the country. Started by a Greek immigrant, this family-owned shop prepares scrumptious traditional baked goods passed down for generations. Fun fact: each almond is individually peeled by hand to create the most creamy and delicious marzipan.

Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel        Foodie's Guide To Israel

Bring all your friends to feast at:

Atalya Ein Kerem

One of my favorite experiences in Israel was eating at the home of Atalya, a larger than life Israeli chef living in the hills of Jerusalem. Atalya welcomes private groups into her home for unique meals that practically defy the laws of tastebuds; her food is masterfully prepared and bursting with an almost magical flavor that tastes like more than the sum of its parts. Atalya also hosts workshops in her home where you make some of her best dishes, and then, of course, eat them!

Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel        Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel        Foodie's Guide To Israel

Feast by the ocean at:

Manta Ray Restaurant

If you’re into sipping cappuccinos on a gorgeous deck while looking out at the ocean, Manta Ray is for you. This spot is literally feet from the sandy beaches of Tel Aviv. The food is artfully prepared, both visually and technically. For breakfast be sure to try the Poached Eggs and Croque Monsieur, while for lunch or dinner get a sampling of their extensive mezze (selection of dips and spreads common in the Middle East).

Foodie's Guide To Israel        Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel        Foodie's Guide To Israel

Spend the afternoon wandering around:

Machane Yehuda Market

One of the best ways to sample true Israeli cuisine is by wandering the Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem. It’s filled with local vendors selling meats, cheeses, pastries, produce, nuts, seeds, and spices. Pro tip: don’t miss the Uzi Eli juice stand, owned by a third-generation Yemenite healer and stocked with fresh pressed juices and plant-based body care and cosmetic products.

Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel        Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel

Don’t miss a meal at:


Menza is one of those restaurants where if you lived in the neighborhood you’d eat there every week. Chef Shlomi Attoun serves contemporary cuisine in a relaxed environment that lets the food shine. The Mediterranean Shrimp was bright and unique, and the Beef Carpaccio was other-worldly. Real talk: the carpaccio was one of the top 3 dishes I had in Israel.

Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel        Foodie's Guide To Israel

Sample Israeli street food around:

The Muslim Quarter

Tucked into the narrow alleyways of Old Jerusalem is shop after shop of authentic Palestinian and Israeli street food. From freshly fried falafel to plates of warm hummus to life-changing Jerusalem Bagels, the streets of Old Jerusalem are sure to satisfy a rumbling stomach. Pro tip: Abu Shukri has killer hoomus.

Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel        Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel

Satisfy your American sweet tooth at:

Sweet Box

If you’re craving classic American baked goods, look no further than Sweet Box in Tel Aviv. This tiny shop on an unassuming side street has the most happy-making decor, and is filled with chocolate chip cookies, warm sticky buns, and freshly baked breads. Seriously, you’ll have a hard time leaving with just one treat.

Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel        Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel

Get dinner and drinks (and more drinks) at:

Machneyuda Restaurant

Machneyuda is without a doubt the most fun restaurant I’ve ever been to. It’s equal part gastronomy and party. And while you may be thinking but is the food really that good? The answer is a resounding YES. Celeb chef Asaf Granit combines traditional Jerusalem flavors with upscale dishes that, as we unanimously proclaimed, are worthy of a Michelin star. Pro tip: the menu changes nightly, but be sure to ask for the Dessert Jungle at the end of your meal. The chefs wrap your table in foil, then splatter it with crème anglaise, fudge, fruit puree, and five different desserts. It. Is. Nuts.

Foodie's Guide To IsraelFoodie's Guide To Israel        Foodie's Guide To Israel

Grab some groceries (and a smoothie!) at:

Farma Cultura

Another one of my favorite experiences in Israel (so much so that it’s getting its own post) was at Farma Cultura. Located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, this Pinterest-worthy farm is owned by the most wonderful young Israeli couple. The storefront of Farma Cultura sells produce grown right out back, and they specialize in the most delicious produce-based smoothies (I adapted their green smoothie recipe in this post). They also host events on their stunning patio, making it perfect for a group.


That’s it, guys! So like have you booked your flight yet? 😉

Vibe Israel invited me to a week in Israel, though I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies and brands that make Broma possible!



Oh my gosh! All this food!! Look so good, some of my favorite flavors!

Michelle @ Modern Acupuncture

This looks incredible!!! Oh my gosh, I’m so jealous. and the view at Manta ray… gorgeous!

Sarah | Broma Bakery

Right? Such a perfect place to sit for the afternoon.


This is what I love about Israel! Although Ive been there 6 times & been to many restaurants – I only knew of only two places listed above. Thank you. I must try those other places.

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