My Trip to Hawaii with Four Seasons Hualalai

October 10, 2019
October 10, 2019

My Trip to Hawaii with Four Seasons Hualalai

Last week, I traveled to Kona (the big gorgeous island) of Hawaii for a few days, and the experience was

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My Trip to Hawaii with Four Seasons Hualalai

Last week, I traveled to Kona (the big gorgeous island) of Hawaii for a few days, and the experience was beyond words. I’ll try my best to capture its essence, but highly recommend you go and see for yourself if you’re looking for your next travel destination. 


I stayed at The Four Seasons Hualalai, a secluded oceanside property built upon the natural lava rocks on the island.

Everywhere you looked, you were met with lush green landscape and captivating views. I entered my room and was immediately transported to a luxe oasis with the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on, and an insane outdoor shower. For the brief amount of time I was in the room, I 100% lived my best life in the floral robe they provided.


The Four Seasons team is a group of the most friendly and genuine people I’ve met. You immediately felt a sense of community from their warm greeting to each ‘Aloha’ they spoke. One of my favorite things on property was the Ka’upulehu Cultural Center, where the vibrant history of Hawaii comes to life through thoughtfully-led activities and classes.

Four Seasons even hosted a private lei-making class for us, where we learned how to make our own leis or flower crowns while hearing of the incredible meaning behind it’s tradition. Highly recommend!! 


You know this review wouldn’t be complete without a FULL breakdown of all the amazing things I ate while I was there. Full transparency, we ate. A lot. And I’m telling you, this isn’t just food- it’s an EXPERIENCE dining at Four Seasons Hualalai. Chef Bellec (aka my new best friend) curated the most impressive menus, each boasting unique ways to showcase traditional Hawaiian fare.

So here are my top food moments: The sushi trio at Ulu Grill. The poke at Beach Tree. The shaved ice at Beach Tree Bar & Lounge. The iced coffee and pastries from Hualalai Trading Co. The fish tacos you can get delivered to you right at the pool. And the lemon ricotta pancakes from in room dining, heheheheh.


One of my favorite parts of the trip was when we ventured on a salt harvesting experience, where Chef guided us to nearby salt flats and led us through the process of how ancient Hawaiians harvested salt decades ago. Basically there is something called “The King’s Tide,” which is basically an extra high tide, that leaves salt water trapped at some cliff edges by the shore. As the days progress and the salt water evaporates, beautiful crystals of sea salt form. 


I was so excited about harvesting salt that I stole Chef’s salt harvesting spoon and ventured off on my own to forage. It was SO COOL.

After harvesting, my life was basically changed when we were able to prepare a 3-course meal with the salt we’d gathered, paired with amazing wines. One course was an entire fish baked in salt, which traps in all the moisture of the fish for the most moist and delicate fish I’ve ever had. And because I was the chef of the group, Chef let me crack open the fish myself!


Another must-do is the Barefoot Beachfront Dinner at Beach Tree where you’ll be wined and dined with a five course menu of the freshest little Hawaiian delights. We sat under the stars with the sand between our toes and enjoyed amazing food with equally amazing company. Chef Bellec meticulously explained each course and the reason behind preparing it, which was such a delight for a foodie like me! I could go on and on about the food there, really, but it’s starting to make me hungry.

Another one of the most incredible memories were made on the excursions we took while we were there. Four Seasons helps you to coordinate an adventure out on a ribcraft to boat across the clearest waters I’ve ever seen in my life and snorkle alongside the dolphins. I quite literally hopped into the water the second our instructor told us we could because I was so excited. One part of me wishes I took more photos of this magical experience, but the other part of me says hey, that would’ve been one less second you got to snorkle with dolphins 🙂 

Also below, my joke at looking attractive while wearing snorkling gear. 

I’d also highly recommend checking out the fitness facilities. They are state. of. the. art. From the lap pool to the fitness classes and activities, you are able to maintain (a semblance) of your daily fitness routine while taking in the beauty that is Four Seasons. We were even led through the most zen beachfront yoga session right at sunrise, allowing us to set our daily intention and enjoy the views!

I’ve been a fan of the Four Seasons for years now (have you seen my guide to Scottsdale?), because their properties are so incredible and merging local culture with world class accommodations, relaxation, and bliss. Four Seasons Hualalai was incredible in all regards– high caliber amenities, a commitment to local tradition, and unbeatable hospitality. I could not recommend staying at this property more, and feel so lucky to have been able to experience it myself.


Four Seasons invited me to a week at their property, though I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies and brands that make Broma possible!

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