Gluten Free Vegan Blueberry Crisp

Pies & Tarts
August 12, 2019
Pies & Tarts
August 12, 2019

Gluten Free Vegan Blueberry Crisp

Can I tell you a secret? You have to promise not to tell anyone, buuuuuut this buttery, delicious, insanely simple

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Gluten Free Vegan Blueberry Crisp

easy and healthy vegan blueberry crisp for all your fresh blueberries

Can I tell you a secret? You have to promise not to tell anyone, buuuuuut this buttery, delicious, insanely simple blueberry crisp is refined sugar free, gluten free, and vegan. I KNOW. We’re shocked too. And in our opinion, it is always a good sign when you can’t tell that something is healthy 🙂 With blueberry season in full swing, you must make this vegan blueberry crisp!

plate of gluten free blueberry crisp with coconut ice cream

We love how easy, healthy, and fresh this blueberry crisp recipe is. Blueberries are one of my absolute favorite fruits and they really take center stage here. Growing up, we had blueberry bushes in our backyard and my siblings and I would pick bowls and bowls of fresh blueberries and pop them like candy.

So, it comes as no surprise them I’m absolutely obsessed with blueberry desserts. Gimme blueberry pie, blueberry scones, blueberry jam, blueberry muffins…like I would eat blueberries in ANY form. And this blueberry crisp is definitely one of my new favorites.

healthy gluten free blueberry crisp with a scoop of ice cream

While I do love my bluebs, I would be seriously lying if I said I wasn’t that person who eats all the buttery delicious topping off the crisp and leaves the fruit for everyone else AKA the worst kind of person ever. Sorry not sorry. I mean, I think we can all agree that the best part about crisp isn’t the healthy fruit (though that part is good too). The best part is obviously that tender, crunchy, sugary crumble that makes eating blueberries for dessert feel decadent.

vegan blueberry crisp sprinkled with powdered sugar

So let me tell you allllll about this delicious gluten free and vegan crumble topping because it’s crunchy, buttery, flavorful, and seriously addicting. And I do not jest when I say this puts all the other blueberry crisps to shame

bob's red mill flours rolled oats

How do you make blueberry crisp vegan and gluten free?

Crisps and crumbles are actually one of the easiest desserts to make gluten free and vegan because the fruit base of the crisp is already vegan and gluten free! The crumble topping is traditionally made with butter, sugar, flour, and sometimes oats. But with a few simple substitutions–vegan butter or coconut oil for dairy butter, and a blend of gluten free flours and old fashioned oats for regular flour, you’ve got yourself a pretty tasty crisp.

To push this crisp over the edge, we swapped out white sugar for unrefined, natural sweeteners like maple syrup and coconut sugar…I mean this sounds like a healthy breakfast to me?

plate of vegan blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream

And something that is super important when making recipes like this that are based on whole, natural ingredients, are your ingredients….DUH. And that’s why I absolutely love using Bob’s Red Mill Flour. Their flours, sugars, and oats, are always the highest quality and make tasty desserts even tastier 🙂

vegan blueberry crisp with fresh blueberries and an oat crumble

Are you a crazy person?  Are you not into blueberries?? No judgment (but, like a little judgment).

The good news is that if blueberries aren’t your thang, you can always make this healthy crisp with another fruit! Apples, raspberries, strawberries, peaches…really any fruit you want.

healthy vegan blueberry crisp. Easy and perfect for summer!

Want to bring your healthy blueberry crisp to the next level? Top it with a scoop of coconut ice cream and you are in for a dairy free, gluten free treat, that tastes just like the real deal.

Enjoy the rest of blueberry season! I can’t wait to hear how much you love this gluten free vegan blueberry crisp!


Vegan Blueberry Crisp

4.5 from 2 reviews
  • Author: Sofi | Broma Bakery
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 45 minutes
  • Total Time: 55 minutes
  • Yield: 16 servings
  • Category: dessert
  • Method: baked
  • Cuisine: american
  • Author: Sofi | Broma Bakery
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 45 minutes
  • Total Time: 55 minutes
  • Yield: 16 servings
  • Category: dessert
  • Method: baked
  • Cuisine: american


for the blueberries

  • 78 cups blueberries, fresh or frozen
  • 3 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch

for the crumble


    1. Preheat the oven to 350°F and spray a 9 x 13 pan with cooking spray. Place the blueberries, maple syrup, lemon juice, and corn starch in the prepared pan and use a large spoon to stir everything together right in the pan. Yes–it’s that easy! Make sure the blueberries are evenly coated and well mixed.  Set aside.
    2. In a large mixing bowl combine the rolled oats, almond flour, gluten free flour, coconut sugar, almonds, and salt. Stir everything together. Add the vegan butter or coconut oil to the dry ingredients and mix well until the mixture forms clumps and everything is incorporated.
    3. Generously sprinkle the blueberries with the crumble topping. Bake for 45 minutes or until the blueberries began to bubble up and the topping has turned golden brown.
    4. Allow to cool before eating. Serve with nondairy ice cream! Enjoy 🙂

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This post is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. Thank you for continuing to support the brands who help make Broma possible!

This gluten free blueberry crisp is vegan, refined sugar free and simply delicious. Serve with a scoop of coconut ice cream and call it a day :)

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  1. Hi there! I have made a couple of your recipes before and have loved them! This vegan blueberry crisp is just what we want to make right now, but do not have the one to one gluten-free flour on hand. Can I sub organic oat flour or tapioca flour or arrow root flour by chance? Thanks in advance

    • Hi there! I think that oat flour would work! I have never personally tried it, so let me know how it goes!

  2. Could you please share the amount for the last ingredient in the recipe? I am unable to see it due to a Google Ad directly in front of the lower half of the fraction amount- I see “1/“ the Google Ad covers bottom number, and ”cup vegan butter or coconut oil, room temperature” Such a shame that Google would cover content for a recipe website, or any website. The information is why we are here! Thank you in advance! Looks delish!

    • Hi Julie! I’m so sorry about that! Sometimes google glitches but that’s so unacceptable! I’ve looked into the ad placement here and hopefully it’s fiexed on your end. It’s 1/2 cup vegan butter 🙂

    • I made this tonight at it was a hit! I didn’t have one for one so I used equal parts chickpea flour and coconut flour to sub out the one for one. After cooking 45 mins I brushed the top with veg oil. I brought it to a dinner party and it was a favorite by all!