3 DIY Facemasks For Every Skin Type

March 12, 2017
March 12, 2017

3 DIY Facemasks For Every Skin Type

I have been a huge fan of homemade face masks for years. The first mask I ever made was an

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3 DIY Facemasks For Every Skin Type

3 DIY Facemasks For Every Skin Type

I have been a huge fan of homemade face masks for years. The first mask I ever made was an oatmeal honey mask when I was about 12. The mask was so good that I actually ate it from the bowl. And yeah you can judge me, but it was delicious so… your loss. And I would eat every single one of these DIY Facemasks for every skin type too. No regrets.

The following masks are my three go-to’s for various needs. One is hydrating, one is exfoliating, and one is restorative. So whatever your skin type, there is a mask for you. Enjoy! 🙂

PS: t = teaspoon, while T = tablespoon


Oatmeal Yogurt + Honey Cleanser

 This cleanser is great for moisturizing and brightening. It’s gentle on skin, making it great for nearly everyone. The lactic acid in yogurt dissolves dead skin cells and tighten pores, while the honey is a natural anti-bacterial ingredient, meaning it will fight acne. Oatmeal is a humectant, meaning it helps your skin retain moisture. Aka hello dewy skin!

2 t ground oatmeal + 2 t honey + 2 t plain yogurt

mix and place on clean, slightly wet face for 5 minutes. rinse with water to remove

Hydrating Oatmeal Yogurt + Honey Cleanser

Hydrating Oatmeal Yogurt + Honey Cleanser


Cacao + Coffee Scrub

I love exfoliating scrubs. They instantly remove dead skin, and help improve circulation. Coffee is great for reducing inflammation due to its caffeine content, and the combination of sugar and coconut oil both scrubs and moisturizes your skin. This is great for especially dry skin; I recommend using it once a week!

1 T coffee grounds + 2 t cocoa powder + 1 t coconut or brown sugar + 1 t coconut oil

mix together and scrub over skin! can leave on for 5 minutes to let the coffee do some work, or rinse off right away.

Exfoliating Cacao + Coffee Scrub

Exfoliating Cacao + Coffee Scrub


Chickpea Turmeric Mask

This is my absolute favorite DIY face mask for EVERY skin type. Every time I rinse it off and touch my skin, it feels ridiculously smooth. Turmeric is great for rosacia and evening out skin tone. Chickpea flour provides a light exfoliation, which is great for people with sensitive skin, and the honey moisturizes.

1 t turmeric + 1 t honey + 1 t coconut oil + 1 T chickpea flour

mix all ingredients together, then add 1 t water. scrub on your face, then let it sit until it dries. gently remove with water and light soap.

Restorative Chickpea Turmeric Mask

DIY Facemasks perfect for sensitive skin. Restorative Chickpea Turmeric Mask


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  1. Hi
    In india
    Chickpea turmeric mask is used just before the wedding and is known as ubtan. It’s a ceremony wherein this mask is applied to the bride (and sometimes the groom as well ) for beautification. turmeric has many medicinal properties it’s also used as a relaxant .
    Yellow colour is very auspicious in indian culture so it wards off evil eye 🙂
    Thought of sharing this with you 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah, These sound awesome! Does it make a difference if the coffee grounds are fresh or used already? I cannot wait to try them out! Tomorrow will be a snow day here in western Mass so I am looking forward to these!