Broma Gift Guide 2016: For the Photographer

Lifestyle + Gift Guides
December 3, 2016
Lifestyle + Gift Guides
December 3, 2016

Broma Gift Guide 2016: For the Photographer

Not going to lie, I’m pretty stoked about this photographer gift guide. And if you haven’t seen Part 1: For

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Broma Gift Guide 2016: For the Photographer

Not going to lie, I’m pretty stoked about this photographer gift guide. And if you haven’t seen Part 1: For Him and Part 2: For Her, be sure to check them out here and here!

As a photographer, there are endless possibilities when it comes to cameras, lenses, camera bags, and more. And to the budding photographer, it’s near impossible to tell the best product from a mediocre one. 20.2 megapixels? Full frame? Wuts dat.

So to help, I’ve put together a list of my favorite photography equipment and accessories perfect for the photographer in your life. Enjoy!

  1. Newport Frame (or anything from Framebridge really): there’s nothing more personal than a custom frame with your own artwork in it.
  2. Canon EF 100mm 2.8 Macro Lens: I bought this lens, oh, about 3 weeks ago, and I haven’t regretted it for a SECOND. It’s the best lens I’ve ever used for food photography (yes, better than my 24-70mm, which I still love and highly recommend). If you’re going to get one thing from this photographer gift guide, I would get this.
  3. Marble Laptop Case: I got this last fall for my laptop. It takes the standard computer from drab to fab, and at only $15.98, it’s a steal.
  4. Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer: No Polaroid, No Problem. Print Polaroid-quality photos straight from your iPhone.
  5. Chelsea Saffiano Leather Camera Bag: Ona is the best camera bag company out there. Their styles are timeless, their quality unmatched, and they’re 1,000 times more useful than stuffing that scarf into your tote bag and gently placing your camera gear around it.
  6. Canon EOS 6D: So a lot of people have been talking about eh new 5D mark iv, but honestly I’ve had the 6D for going on three years and I still love it. It comes at a fraction of the price, and you still get the awe-inspiring wifi capabilities so you can transfer your photos directly to your smartphone.
  7. Camera Lens Mug: I mean this is adorable.
  8. Erickson Woodworks Photo Boards: If you follow me on Snapchat then you probably know how much I love my Erickson Woodworks Photo Boards. They’re the perfect size and each one is custom-made in order to your specifications (want it lighter? more scraped up? no prob, Bob).
  9. Leather Camera Strap: Wear that camera in style with this classic leather camera strap.
  10. External Hard Drive: Be smart and back up all your photos.
  11. Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod: My tripod is so old that it can’t support my camera’s weight so it slowly falls down until it’s parallel with the ground. Me thinks it’s time for a new one.
  12. Canon EF 50mm 1.4STM Lens:  This is the one lens that I don’t have that I wish I had. A 50mm lens has this amazing depth of field that makes you feel like you’re really part of the action. For food photography, I just love 50mm lenses.

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  1. Great guide! My boyfriend works as a professional photographer, and this totally gives me some helpful hints 😉 And by the way, he swears by his 6D too!

  2. I totally want a Erickson Wood Work Photo Board for Christmas!!! They look AMAZING! Which one would you recommend (I already have something similar to the Stormy White one).

  3. This roundup is like a dream package! I have a question that I’m hoping you can answer. I was debating The 6D or the 80D and finally settled on the 80D. I am an extremely amateur photographer so with my budget and skills I thought the chopped sensor is a better choice. I have a 50mm 2.5 compact macro but have been hearing and reading such good things about the two lenses you mentioned. Would you recommend investing in one of those lenses if I have a cropped sensor or would you recommend a wider lens such as a 35mm. Love to hear your opinion. Wishing you the best holiday season, Jess

    • Hi Jessica! Great questions. If you didn’t already have the 50mm, I would say the 35mm is a great choice. However, the 35mm and the 50mm are going to be so similar on the cropped sensor that I would most definitely go with the 100mm as your second lens. I absolutely LOVE it for food photography, and will be a great companion lens to the 50mm! Hope you enjoy and happy photographing!