Let’s face it: working from home can mean days without leaving the house, wearing the same shirt three days in a row, and wearing cotton 95% of the time. Which is great and all, but it’s also great to have a roster of cute-but-casual outfits for the work from home entrepreneur– ones that require minimal effort, but maximize your style. Here are 5 outfits to wear when you work from home!

No. 1 – Comfy Overalls

Omg can we talk about these overalls for a minute. I have been wearing them non-stop since I got them, so safe to say I’m obsessed! Bonus points for basically being soft enough to sleep in. Don’t judge me.

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No. 2 – A Band Tee and Faux Denim Sweats

Band Tees make for the ultimate cool girl look. Paired with these amazing denim sweats, you’ll be looking like a snack while eating 5 snacks a day (because the pantry grazing is real when you work from home). And a quick tip- go a size down on these pants. Mine have really stretched out.

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No. 3 – A Cute Sweatshirt and Leggings

The only thing better than a sweatshirt and leggings is a cute sweatshirt and leggings. You can effortlessly move around, but can also go outside of the house without feeling like you’re wearing a stained sweatshirt for the third day in a row. Am I right? No, just me? 

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No. 4 – The jeans/ bodysuit/ sweater combo

This is one of my go-to looks. The sweater keeps things looking polished, while the body suit means you can go bra-less, and the jeans are both cute and comfy. This look can be dressed up or down with jewelry, shoes, and a bag!

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No. 5 – Business Up Top and Sweats On The Bottom

Nothing says I-work-from-home more than a business up top and sweats on the bottom look. Perfect for video calls with clients, Instagram-story-ing from the waist up, and just generally being so lazy that you say f*** it to wearing pants. 

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Gosh Sarah! Too cute! Comfy and not too lazy…except for the last one!


These outfits are so cute Sarah! I’m obsessed with overalls too!


I love your style!! It’s so clean and fresh!
Thank you for inspiration on some new looks! 🙂

Lisa Hill

Looking adorable! I am obsessed with those styles. I like your article so much. Thanks for sharing.


The article is so funny and real but the ads are absolutely annoying

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