Designing Our Dream Dining Room with Article

March 10, 2019
March 10, 2019

Designing Our Dream Dining Room with Article

As a food blogger, the kitchen and the dining room are the hub of our house. So when we moved

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Designing Our Dream Dining Room with Article

At a loss for how to design your dream dining room? I was too. Here’s how I put together our dream dining room with stylish, but affordable pieces.

As a food blogger, the kitchen and the dining room are the hub of our house. So when we moved to Boston last May, I spent 5 months looking for the perfect dining table. It’s tough work designing your dream dining room.

Our living room, on the other hand, came together in a cinch. I texted Alex a picture of a couch and we both agreed “yep, let’s get it.” End of discussion.

But designing our dining room (and our table in particular) was something I meticulously fret over. I knew I wanted it to be warm and welcoming, with enough space to entertain a big group. I knew I wanted a mixture of old and new, and I knew I wanted it to be a table that fostered conversation.

Beyond that, I was stumped. I must’ve gone to seven furniture stores in our first month in Boston, but nothing felt right. The tables were either too pricy, too traditional, or too… bleh.

Then I remembered this company Article, who had popped up on my Instagram feed a few months prior. Article has really gorgeous modern furniture at really reasonable prices, all whilst paying attention to quality and integrity in their products.

After perusing their site, I found this stunning 8 person dining table and knew immediately it was the one. I loved the grain of the wood, and that the legs were thin enough so no one would knock their knees into a post. 

And their prices were really reasonable. Other 8-person tables I was looking at were $1,500-2,000. This one was $999. Which, for a solid wood table, in my opinion, is a huge win. 

The next step was getting the rest of the dining room together. Article had some really great decorative elements that helped to round out our space, like their Pendula Floor Lamp and their Ivory Sheepskin Throw.

As for our chairs, by the time we shot this post I found these gorgeous wishbone chairs, but Article just came out with these white dining chairs and I’m not going to lie, I think I like them even more. 

A few other items that helped to bring everything together? This natural sheepskin pillow, which adds some warmth to the corner of the room, and our pendant lamp, which actually came with our apartment but works SO well. Article happens to have a dupe here.

Most of the rest of the pieces in our dining room are antiques. I found the painting above our fireplace at a pawn shop, the brass candle holders are from Etsy, and the art we have on the floor in the corner is from Etsy and an antique store. These older pieces were the perfect compliment to the more modern Article pieces, creating a space that looks both contemporary and lived in. 

I’m so happy with how the space came together. It’s a perfect mixture of old and new, and a space we absolutely love to be in. I cannot wait to hear what you think!

Disclosure: I partnered with Article on this post in exchange for furniture. All opinions and text are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that help make Broma possible!

Photos by Emily O’Brien.

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  1. I love all of this! The furniture and design are beautiful, but… Tilly is by far the best part of this post!! Your photos are amazing and capture her in the space so well! Love love LOVE!