37 calorie brownies… and no, I’m not kidding.

Chocolate brownies with only 37 calories per serving? It's true!

Yeah, so I was baffled myself. But it’s true. If you cut these brownies into 9, they are 37 calories each. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Well, take out your calculators and add up some numbers, and you’ll see it’s true. And the weirdest part about it is: they taste pretty damn good.

Now, normally I’m not a fan of low-calorie desserts, because I think it’s a joke. If you’re going to eat dessert, eat. dessert. But one of my favorite bloggers, Rosie the Londoner, put these babies up the other day and they looked so gooey and delish I just had to try them.

Now, I made some changes to my liking, so if you use slightly different ingredients (regular yogurt v greek, etc) they may come out differently. And, as Rosie says, be sure to undercook your brownies. They taste so so so much better that way!

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37 calorie brownies... and no, I'm not kidding.
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 9 brownies
  • ¾ cup nonfat greek yogurt (I used Fage 0%)
  • ¼ cup skim milk
  • ½ cup Cocoa powder
  • ½ cup Old fashioned rolled oats (like Quaker)
  • ½ cup Truvia Baking Blend (or any natural/stevia based sweetener that pours like sugar)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 pinch salt
  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. Grease a square baking dish (I used 8"x8").
  2. Combine all ingredients into a food processor or a blender, and blend until smooth (about 1 minute).
  3. Pour into the prepared dish and bake for about 15 minutes. Allow to cool completely before cutting into 9 large squares. YAHM.
Optional: I added about ¼ cup of chocolate chips to my batter, just to live dangerously. This brings the calorie count up to about 65 calories per brownie. Not bad, not bad.

Recipe lightly adapted from The Londoner

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    • says

      Whena recipe says to use egg whites I save the yolk for breakfast the next day. Waste not want not. ^_^

      I think your calorie count is a bit off, I ran it through my nutrition calculator and it says 9 servings makes 52 calories apiece. That’s still very low! But you may want to edit your title.

      I made some additional adjustments to your recipe as well. I used original (unsweetened) almond milk instead of skim milk and unsweetened applesauce instead of Truvia/sweetener.
      I know from experience almond milk bakes just as well as skim and although Truvia and other artificial sweeteners may be calorie free, they’ve been linked to long term health issues. (Leukemia, liver lesions)
      With these adjustments the new calorie count is 55 calories per serving. That’s only 3 calories over your recipe, and trust me, they are DELICIOUS!

      Thank you for sharing! This recipe was an inspiration.

      • Aubre Rice says

        Hi! I checked the calories myself carefully and they were indeed 37 calories each, without her addition of chocolate chips.

      • Ginny says

        I love this recipe because I cannot have sugar. I’m a gastric by-pass and I have IBS. NO SUGAR, and VERY LOW FAT diet for life. The only artificial sweetener I do not react to is Stevia In the Raw. I can not tolerate ANY thing else. This brownie recipe is a life saver for me, as I’m still losing weight. I’m down t losing very slowly now. I’ve lost 157 lbs, and have about 80 lbs to go. Since I cannot exercise at all yet, I must eat very little and make recipes like this one really count for the sweet tooth. It’s been an absolute life saver for me! I wish there were more recipes like this one. Maybe one for a baked fruit dessert. Or a vegetable casserole. I hate broccoli and cauliflower. Any recipes to hide the taste of those two would be a super prize! Lol.

        • Emma says

          I make a low calorie fruit dessert by taking an egg roll wrapper and filling it with Apple, cinnamon, and stevia (is good with peaches, strawberry-peach, etc too). Then fold it over, spray with cooking spray, and stick it in a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes (or until brown). Just about 60 calories depending on the fruit you use!

        • Debbie Burke says

          This sounds delicious, but my husband has health issues that go beyond calorie counting. Do you have the rest of the nutrition information, i.e., fat, cholesterol, etc?

          • Sarah | Broma Bakery says

            Debbie, I do not. There are some websites that can give this information for you if you type in what ingredients are in the recipe. I would try using one of those! Good luck and happy baking!

        • carol says

          for eating broccoli or cauliflower without the taste of them, try pureeing them. i use Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld for eating foods I do not like the taste of but get their nutrients nontheless.

    • says

      I think your calorie count is a bit off, it’s 52 not 37. :p

      I replaced the sweetener with unsweetened applesauce and the milk with unsweetened almond milk. New count is 55 calories apiece, still very delicious.

      I won’t lecture you on the affects of artificial sweeteners. :)

      • suzanne says

        Chad would you still add 1/2 cup of applesauce or less? I’m just wondering if there would be too much wetness since the sugar is a dry ingredient.

      • MichElle says

        Truvia is not an artificial sweetener, it is processed but is from stevia and erythritol which are both natural sweeteners which have zero glycemic response and much better for you than real sugar or even honey and maple syrup in higher amounts.

    • Sydney says

      Where in the recipe does it say only use the eye white? I am just curious – not questioning the correctness! :) Thank you!

      • Feliciti says

        You probably just skimmed the comments (as we all do sometimes). Someone had commented they love that this recipe does NOT call for egg white only (which many low-cal recipes do), because they don’t like having to throw out the yolk, and someone else replied when they use a recipe with egg whites only, they save the yolk and use it with breakfast. :-)

    • says

      Hello, Since you are willing to experiment, There are many of us that the Atkins diet works well for. I live on a low carb diet and manage to maintain my optimum weight. Although I don’t want to eat lots of calories, it is really the carbohydrates that I am counting. If you could make some LOW carb brownies, I would be your best customer !! Thanks, Lucy Martin PS; It is actually a much bigger market than you would think.

  1. Kath says

    Just had a look at the original recipe and she says there are 100 cal per brownie? Not sure how the different number came up but would love to go with the 37 cal version!

    • Anonymous says

      I got about 99 per 9 pieces, and if I cut them into 12, I get 56 calories. However, I added 3 tablespoons of chocolate chips ( so a little more than you ). But I also used regular flour. Of course, followed the rest of recipe right! Will try again and see if I can lower calories.

    • says

      greek yogurt is different from and “original” or “flavored” yogurts, which contain a lot of sugar. you need to look for *greek yogurt* in the dairy aisle.

    • Anonymous says

      You can get plain greek yogurt and plain regular yogurt (unflavored). You can also buy flavored of both. I have vanilla flavored and honey flavored greek yogurts (REAL greek yogurt, not just ‘greek-style’ yogurt, that’s tricky for consumers… greek style yogurt is no better for you that regular, if you want to awesome protein go for the real stuff) in my fridge right now. Personally… i bet either of those two would taste fabulous in this recipe!

    • says

      I don’t think Broma knows that Greek Yogurt can be flavored. There are all kinds of Greek yogurts now. I buy 0% PLAIN Greek Yogurt and that is what is being recommended in this recipe.

    • says

      broma knows. traditional greek yogurt (also called labneh, strained yogurt, etc) is exactly as anon says above. while greek yogurt can be flavored, it then is not real greek yogurt, but greek-style yogurt made for consumers. they market being more healthy than “reagular” yogurt, when in actuality there is just as much sugar as in regular yogurts, and sometimes even more fat and saturated fat. as stated in the directions, i used Fage 0%, which is creamy and thick, with no added sugars.

      • RC says

        I use fage too, 2%. We need a bit of fat to process things..
        Anyway..the greek has the whey strained from it, eliminating lots of sugars (natural ones) and since the whey is taken, the part with all that protein remains…it has a much higher protein content.
        For those coynting, a good rule ti stick to is 2 grams of fiber for every 100 calories. I think, with thr oats, we are there…havent done the calculatuons, but its in the oven! Also, instead of skim milk, I think buttermilk would be great :)
        Anyone know aboyt the acid there with the acid in the yogurt?

  2. says

    We love your pictures and recipes, they are mouth watering. Would love for you to share them with us at foodieportal.com. We are new but at foodieportal.com we are not photography snobs, we are just foodies.

    • says

      Unfortunately you cannot substitute with drops. The reason this recipe works is because it has a consistency similar to sugar. you can either use real sugar, or buy the kind that pours like sugar!

    • says

      It probably has to do with the cooking time. Were your brownies gooey? The key to these is that you cannot overcook them! I took mine out as soon as I saw them cooking on top, because they continue to cook in the pan after you take them out. Hope this helps!

    • says

      Mine were awful too. I had doubled the batch to take it to a potluck and threw the whole thing in the garbage. I followed the recipe exactly. I’m stumped. They looked weird and all I could taste was the sourness of the yogurt and the bitterness of the cocoa. I really want to try again but I don’t want to waste all the ingredients again.

      • nic says

        I’m with you, they are nasty. I kept putting them back in the oven for additional time because they were just too gooey. Cooked for a total of 35 min letting cool completely & piled on a huge dollop of whipped creme. It wasn’t great but I just couldn’t handle all the wasted ingredients.

    • Anonymous says

      These had the texture of mousse and were very bitter. I even added extra stevia after I tasted the batter. Had to throw the whole batch out.
      What a waste of good stevia.

    • says

      These are not delicious. I was hopeful, but followed this recipe exactly and they look NOTHING like the picture and they taste awful. If you like chocolate flavored yogurt you might like them.

    • Anonymous says

      I made them and loved them, added a handful of mini chocolate chips, my kids and husband did not like them, so I will eat them all or take some to work.

  3. Anonymous says

    I made these with no chocolate chips and had to add extra splenda, cinnamon, and vanilla to make the batter edible. They did not taste good. You’d be better off with real brownies and the extra calories.

    • says

      you may have run into trouble because you used Splenda. You have to find a sweetener that *pours like sugar*, such as Truvia. Splenda makes sugar for baking, as well. It will completely change the final product.

  4. Sancia says

    I’ve made these twice and both times they turned out about a quarter inch think and tasted a little off. I use natvia (a stevia and erythritol blend. Does this recipe need flour?
    Thanks :)

    • says

      what size pan did you use? they shouldn’t be that thin. i used an 8×8, which yielded a little thicker brownie. also, does natvia have a sugar-crystal consistency? the recipe does not need flour because you use basically emulsified oats as your starch base.

  5. Anonymous says

    Could you use honey as a sweetener, and substitute in quick oats, or will this change the recipe too much?

    • says

      You could do both, but I really can’t say how they’d turn out. If you don’t want to use an artificial sweetener I would use something like cane sugar. The quick oats will definitely change the brownie.

  6. Anonymous says

    Can you mix them with a mixer instead or is it necessary to break down the oats with a food processor or blender?

  7. says

    Your food photos are amazing. You can share your mouth watering photos with us at foodienewz.com and your photos published on FoodieNewz without any editorial review.

  8. says

    Hi! I just tried these. Taste-wise they are pretty good- they do taste healthy (with a slight chemical taste) but very chocolatey and really pretty yummy. My question is this: what calorie counter are you using? I have tried two different counters using your exact recipe (sans chocolate chips) and the calorie count for 1 serving (if it makes 9) is between 65-70. It’s consistent on two different sites. Still great for a brownie, but there is quite a big difference- that’s almost twice your stated calorie count. Can you give us a breakdown of what your ingredient calorie counts are?

    • says

      Sure! The entire recipe breaks down as follows: 3/4 cup nonfat greek yogurt: 75cal
      1/4 cup skim milk: 25cal
      1/2 cup Cocoa powder: 100cal
      1/2 cup Old fashioned rolled oats: 150cal
      1/2 cup Truvia: 0cal
      1 egg: 60cal
      1 teaspoon baking powder: 0cal
      1 pinch salt: 0cal

      That’s 410 calories for the whole pan. If you were to not miss one calorie from the recipe (say, from the way you measured the ingredients, or the teensy bit you miss scooping out the batter from the pan, or the gunk that gets stuck on your knife), you’d get 45 calories per brownie. However, taking those factors into account, I figured about 37 calories per brownie.

      Hope this helps!

      • Abbe says

        Truvia has calories! There are 190 calories per 1/2 cup! You are misleading those making your brownies. DIRECTLY from their website:

        “Just one bag of Truvía® Baking Blend provides as much sweetness as a 3-lb. bag of sugar. Bakes and browns just like sugar with 75% fewer calories per serving than sugar. 1/2 cup (190 calories) of Truvía® Baking Blend is equal to 1 cup of sugar (760 calories).”

        Truvia® Baking Blend |

        • Sarah | Broma BakerySarah | Broma Bakery says

          I was not aware of this. If that is true, then yes, you would have to add 190 calories to the mix, which, luckily for us, only adds 21 calories to each brownie :)

        • christa says

          She is not using Truvia baking blend (that contains a combination of truvia and real sugar).
          She is using Truvia – 0 calories, 0 g of fat

        • Erin says

          Truvia and Truvia Baking Blend are two different things. Truvia Baking Blend contains some sugar.

      • Lisa says

        Many different things will affect the calorie count (people that keep saying, they’re really 55, etc.). A large egg has 78 calories. Not sure what size egg only has 60. Different brands of Greek yogurt have different calorie counts (Fage vs Chobani, etc), especially if you use one that’s flavored, and/or sugar free, etc. So I’m sure these can be 37 or 57 ea depending on what you put in them. The version of this going around on Facebook calls for vanilla flavored Greek yogurt. And I’ve seen several posts about these being horrible, so I’m not willing to try. :) I’ll just have a 100 calorie regular brownie and call it good. :)

  9. Anonymous says

    I’m making this for the third time. The first two times did not turn out and I think it was because I used stevia in the raw and it does not pour like sugar. I’m trying it this time with steviaCane which will add more calories but hopefully it will be ediable :)

  10. says

    I Tried It Today … It Tastes Just Like Brownies ( For Those Who Has Doubts )
    I Couldn’t Find Any Sweeteners Around So I Used A Bit Of Honey And Sugar Instead .
    I Would Totally Recommend It …

  11. Anonymous says

    I was so excited to try this, I followed every single step and used all of the ingredients listed and they taste horrible. it sucks

    • Bri says

      I agree, I thought they tasted TERRIBLE. The texture was terrible and tasted like play dough, I followed the directions exactly. Do not recommend.

  12. says

    Not sure why they didn’t turn out for others. I just made these and they are AWESOME. I used 1/2 cup brown sugar instead of truvia which I know will up the calories, but that’s ok. These will be a staple. Also used almond milk instead of skim. Thanks so much. Love!!

  13. Anonymous says

    Our family didn’t like the aftertaste (and during taste) from the Truvia. The texture left a little to be desired as well. I used pourable Truvia. Is there one specifically for baking I should have used? If I were to try these again, I would use at least half real or brown sugar and increase the oats, but I might just try a different recipe. Oh well.

  14. Anonymous says

    well I never ever tried brownies my friend came last night and she said that she made some and I was so interested to make brownies but the thing that im on a diet

  15. Anonymous says

    this recipe is a waste of ingredients. tastes flat, artificial, and vaguely like aspartame. i’m stinking with my fatty yet delicious recipes, thank you very much.

  16. says

    My calculations say that this brownie would be around 53 calories, have 1.3 g fat, 1.26 g sugar, and 4.25 g of protein per brownie if made in a 8 x8 pan and cut into 9 squares.

    I used 3/4 c. Meijer brand plain Greek Yogurt (97.5 cal, 0 fat, 6.75 sugar and 17.25 protein)

    1 egg (71 cal, 5 fat, 0 sugar, 6 protein

    1/4 c. fat free milk (20 cal, 0 fat, 3 sugar, 2 protein)

    1/2 c. nestle baking cocoa (120 cal, 4 fat, 0 sugar, 8 protein)

    1/2 c. old fashioned quaker brand oatmeal (150 cal, 3 fat, 1 sugar, 5 protein)

    1/2 c. splenda (0 cal, 0 fat, 0 sugar, 0 protein)

    1/3 c. Mott’s original natural applesauce (16.6 cal, 0 fat, 3.6 sugar, 0 protein)

    1 tsp. clabber girl baking powder (0 cal, 0 fat, 0 sugar, 0 protein)

    1 pinch of salt (0 cal, 0 fat, 0 sugar, 0 protein)

    for the whole 8×8 pan is (475.1 cal, 12 fat, 11.35 sugar, 38.25 protein)

    for 1 brownie (52.78 calories, 1.3 fat, 1.26 sugar, 4.25 protein)

    so what am I doing wrong and what brands did you use?

  17. Anonymous says

    Loved them. I did not blend in a processor and I think adding a little peanut butter next time, the taste will be as good as no bake cookies. I did use a little honey for the sweetness. Thanks for the indulgence. LOVE THEM!

  18. says

    awful, I made two batches, the second I bought all new ingredients and was sure I purchased baking stevia. I threw out both batches, if I was on a deserted island I would only eat them on the 4th or 5th day. If you can stick your finger in baking chocolate and eat it you might like them, not sweet with an after taste also. i use stevia in my coffee everyday.

    I even added a table spoon of butter to the second batch, no hope.

    • Anonymous says

      they taste weird to me too, so i added more splenda granulated or whatever, and i topped it with that caramel walden farm’s calorie free “caramel” syrup an baked it for like 35 minutes, but i live in denver, so alitude might play a factor in baking times, i kept checking it…turned out wonderful….the walden farms caramel syrup is horrid, so I finally found a use for it, tastes like butterscotch on these brownies and gives them a delicious sweetness and gooey texture…i definitely recommend adding more of whatever granulated sweetener you are using and tasting the batter before baking….if it tastes bitter before baking it will taste bitter after..

  19. Anonymous says

    All I can say to those whining here – well, don’t use shoddy ingredients! You get what you put in. I just made a batch today and they are GORGEOUS. I even licked the bowl :} Thank you!

  20. Anonymous says

    mine turned out awful. i don’t understand why there’s so many varied reviews. everyone knows what a good brownie tastes like. mine have almost a mousse-like consistency and are gooey. does anyone know what im doing wrong? i’m trying to make them for Thanksgiving tomorrow (Canada) for one of my cousin’s with celiac disease….

    • Anonymous says

      The people that had good results substituted sugar, honey, brown sugar, or a blend of artificial and regular sweetener for the stevia. II made them, they were horrid. I remade them using regular sugar and they are ok. it seems kind of pointless if you are adding all that sugar…might as well go for one REALLY good brownie and really satisfy sweet tooth. The bad batch I broke up and put in warm sugar free choc. pudding…not too bad that way!

  21. Anonymous says

    Very good! I used erythirol, which is the cheapest and easiest to get natural sweetener where I live. Also didn’t have greek yoghurt, so I used normal nonfat plain yoghurt and omitted the milk (nonfat plain yoghurt is a lot more liquid than greek).

    I found them to have a very strong chocolate flavor, which I think is due to the kind of cocoa powder I used, so I will use a little less next time. Apart from that they turned out perfect, and the fact that they had no butter, sugar OR flour is just unbelieveable.

    Made half a batch and ate the entire thing, which is under 200 calories, so not bad at all. But the best part was how it really filled me up and left me without the sweet-and-savory craving that I have so often on my diet. I mean, filled me up like a normal lunch would, and ridiculously for less calories. Will definitely be making these again!

  22. Anonymous says

    I also found the brownies to be gooey and mousse-like and I followed the recipe exactly. Maybe the baking time needs to be adjusted. The flavor was good, but too much like a pudding.

  23. Anonymous says

    I kept an open mind when trying these. I was not trying to compare them to regular brownies. I just thought it would be great to find something chocolatey for minimal calories. These were just HORRIBLE. Threw them all away.

  24. Anonymous says

    I’ve been baking for a long time and as soon as I saw this recipe I knew it would not come out anything like a real brownie. Way too much moisture. I decided to try it anyway just to see. The batter was extremely runny. As others stated it came out like mouse. They were bitter and discussing and the texture was nothing like a brownie. Don’t waste your time or money.

  25. says

    Got mine approved and under my name- though it uses the same base for this recipe, it alternates and is more specific- also it has no oats.
    Here are the specific ingredients and the calories with them.

    – [3/4 cup] Greek Yogurt, Plain, Low Fat, 1 serving container: 80 calories
    – [1/4 cup] Blue Diamond, Almond Milk, Unsweetened Vanilla: 7.5 calories
    – [1/2 cup] Hershey’s Dark (or non dark) Chocolate Cocoa Powder: 80 calories
    – [1 cup] 0 Calorie Sweetener (sugar base)
    – [1/4 cup] Nectresse Monk Fruit: 0 calories
    – [1.5 tbsp (tablespoon)] Egg beaters Original: 12.5 calories
    – [1.5 tbsp] Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites: 12.5 calories
    (in total for eggs, it’ll be 25 calories)
    – [1 tbsp] Baking Powder: 0 calories
    – Tiny pinch of salt: 0 calories

    Total calories for whole batch: 192 calories

    Batch divided by NINE: 20-21 calories a piece

    Batch divided by TEN: 19 calories a piece (use smaller pan to get fluffier texture)

    Optional but use with caution, as too much liquid can make batter too thin.
    -[1 tsp (teaspoon): 0 Calorie Coffee Syrup Chocolate (or caramel,or vanilla)
    Add a bit more imitation sugar to thicken the mix.

    I’ve also noticed a bunch of negative comments in regard to these brownies.
    1) You have to make sure you’re baking them at the right temperature for the right amount of time. These are NOT regular brownies, and are much lighter, both in ingredients and fats/carbs, so the batter needs less baking time and more heat, but not at the bottom rack, or the bottom can burn our the batch can turn out with little taste.

    2) These are a healthy alternative. Go ahead and stuff yourself silly with bad for you brownies. Sure, it’s worth the 300 calorie a slice isn’t it? With healthy foods it gets some getting used to. Maybe when I was a kid I would’ve hated these. But now that I eat healthy, these brownies (or at least the way I made them) turned out great.

  26. Anonymous says

    THESE BROWNES ARE AMAZING!!!!! They don’t even taste low fat and low calorie! One of the best ever recipes, with the nutritional content just being a bonus! Don’t wait – just bake! Super easy too!

  27. says

    I finally made these and I really liked them, thanks so much for sharing your recipe! Now I can have some brownies for Christmas! WOOHOO!! I know it would add calories but I think Ill swirl some peanut butter on top just for fun too :)

  28. Anonymous says

    Just made these, I used 1/2 dark brown sugar, 1/2 Stevia as I was afraid of it tasting bad because of the previous negative comments. It tastes amazing, I will try this with just Stevia next time as I now have confidence in the recipe. This will be great for keeping my sweet tooth at bay during my bikini contest prep :). Thanks for sharing :).

  29. Anonymous says

    We just made these today. Sorry, but they were not good. I’m a good cook and followed the recipe to a ‘T’. They didn’t rise much, were very bitter and the texture wasn’t great. One of my twins eats everything and even he said these were not good.

  30. says

    The appearance and texture was wonderful, but the taste was D I S G U S T I N G !
    The only change I made was to use almond milk instead of cow’s milk, (which was recommended above.) Bummer!!! I wasted 1/2 cup of expensive high quality cocoa powder and Truvia on this awful recipe. Straight to the garbage! Can’t even give it to the dog – might kill him.

  31. says

    Oh! I get it. I placed a comment on how disgusting these brownies were, and of course, it wasn’t approved. But now I get it… BROMA Bakery! BROMA as in spanish for JOKE!
    Sooo… Joke Bakery! Oh yeah… hardee har har… very funny guys… NOT!
    Blogging ludicrous recipes that taste like crap and laughing about us poor readers, lured in by the promise of good tasting low calorie recipes, wasting ingredients and time, just so you can have a good laugh! Lets see how long it takes me to make this go viral on FB.

  32. Susie Drake says

    I made these yesterday; I used dark cocoa powder, three of our packets of stevia, and a couple of tablespoons of whey powder. You have to let them cool completely (they are better the next day). I did NOT put the batter in the blender. Also, I had to cook them twice as long as the recommended time. I thought they were really good.

  33. Ty Harris says

    First of all, I just want to say thanks, because the person who posted this gains nothing personally that I am aware of by taking the time and trouble to share recipes on the internet. When you attempt to do something nice for perfect strangers for no personal gain that deserves respect and gratitude. Having established that I am grateful for the sharing, I must give my honest opinion that these did not taste very good to me. They tasted sour and dry. I followed instructions precisely. I tried to make them taste a little bit better by adding some sugar free chocolate syrup on top, ( 15 cals per 2 tbsp. ) and some reddi-whip fat free whipped cream ( 5 cals per 2 tbsp. ) but they were still pretty bad. In the end, I put some regular Betty Crocker chocolate frosting on there ( 150 cals per 2 tbsp. – more calories by far than the brownie itself ) to try and make this stuff edible, and it was still not very good. Not so bad that I would put it off until the 3rd or 4th day if I was stranded on a desert island, as an earlier poster claimed, but after eating 3, I didn’t really want anymore. I appreciate the effort and the sharing, but the result was not so great…

  34. Anonymous says

    Ok, since I am doing Trim Healthy Momma, I calculated the calories, fat and carbs using the above recipe but substituting egg whites for the egg and almond milk for the milk. I still love them and am addicted to these!!
    3/4 greek yogurt (Kirkland Brand)
    cal 105 fat 0 carbs 7.5
    1/4 almond milk
    cal 7.5 fat 0.625 carbs 0
    1/2 cocoa (Hershey brand)
    cal 80 fat 4 carbs 8
    oats 1/2 cup
    cal 150 fat 3 carbs 23
    egg whites 3tbsp = 1 egg
    cal 25 fat 0 carbs 0

    CALORIES 367.5 /9 = 40.83
    FAT 7.625/9 = 0.847
    CARBS 38.5 /9 = 4.27

    But I don’t know about you, I NEVER eat just 1 of these at a time, so eating up to 2 of these would keep you at a FP, but if you eat more than 2 of these, it would be an E snack.(greater than 10carbs)

  35. Anonymous says

    Made these today with unsweetened almond milk and xylitol, everything else the same, and they are AMAZING!! Thank you for this recipe!!

  36. Anonymous says

    Well……… its a good idea, but I really didn’t like these. I followed the recipe exactly, except I used Splenda granulated. They don’t taste ANYTHING like a real brownie, and they are super thin. It was on the dry side, but parts of it absorbed the fat from the chocolate chips and got oily in some parts, and the chocolate chips sunk to the bottom. These brownies also tasted bitter, I’m guessing an after taste from the splenda. Maybe next time, double the recipe and use half sugar half sugar substitute and it might be better. Sorry to sound like such a critic, but I did not find these tasty at all. Sorry

  37. Anonymous says

    Made them twice…..horrible…has nothing to do with how long they are cooked or temp. Very bitter, and sour taste from the yogurt. YUCK!!!!

  38. Anonymous says

    Probably why they’re 37 calories is because that’s how many calories is in the one bite you take to realize they’re terrible

  39. says

    I think people are having problems because they should have apple sauce in them. I also calculated how many calories and came out with 78 so they’re not as good as we wanted to think. I’ve just taken mine out of the oven ( I found the recipe on Pinterest and it had the apple sauce addition ) I look forward to trying them.

  40. Anonymous says

    I had high hopes for this recipe and I followed the recipe exactly. I was disappointed. The flavor was fine – it was more bitter than sweet, which I prefer with chocolate, but the TEXTURE makes these inedible. The outside is fine – a nice, slight crust as you would expect from a good brownie, but the inside is, as some have described it here, “mousse” like. It was gooey, and not the good kind – the jello-y, gross kind. I put them back into the oven for a bit, thinking they might be undercooked, but nope. As I kept removing them and checking them, the outside got darker and harder and the interior remained disgustingly gooey. Also, as noted by others, they look NOTHING like the photo. As stated, I used all of the ingredients listed above, the correct sized pan, and mine came out much more flat, dense and not even remotely close to those pictured. There are better alternatives out there for healthy brownies – particularly raw recipes with dates or black beans as a base. I do NOT recommend these.

  41. Anonymous says

    if anyone’s interested these changes seemed to help:
    20g sweetener
    35g Cocoa powder
    30g chocolate chips
    ¼ tsp baking powder
    ¼ tsp baking soda
    ½ coffee powder
    ½ tsp vanilla flavouring
    ¼ tsp salt

  42. Chef in a Panic... says

    Disclaimer – I am a Chef, so my results may be different from others. Amazing the diferrent results in this. My wife made it, and she and the kids thought it was okay, but that was it. She actually apologized as I tried it later. I saw great potential! What I liked was the texture, so similar to a high end chocolate torte. I was doing a special wine dinner and during the preparation, I made a torte that failed twice. I was so worried, but then I remembered my wife making this recipe, so I tried it. I added the chocolate chips & did the recipe 4 times split between 3 9 inch round cake pans. It came out perfectly. Rich & chocolatey. I turned the cakes out of the pan the next day and coated them with dark chocolate ganache with brandy soaked dried cherries folded in. Cut each pan into 12 servings & served w/ a small dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream. Got a standing ovation…. Thanks for saving my bottom Broma Bakery!

  43. Anonymous says

    Not bad. I only had quick oats on hand and used sugar. My total came out to 80 cals each. These are more for dark chocolate lovers. Came out just like the picture.

  44. Anonymous says

    NO Flour of any kind? I find these to be crumbly and just don’t taste like brownies I was very disappointed

  45. says

    I do NOT understand all of the bad comments, WOW these were WONDERFUL! Made as described, but used the THM Sweet Blend sweetener instead of Truvia, and almond milk! Used a 9″ round cake pan, so they were thinner, but like the “chef” above that claimed it was similar to a torte, YES IT IS. I can see how this could even be high end dessert material! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  46. says

    Considering the whole pan is around 360cal, I think these are very good. not AS good as a flour/sugar/butter brownie, but duh? It’s a recipe not a magic lamp. however considering i could eat this whole pan for the same calorie load as *one* square of a normal brownie, AND the actual nutritional content of this recipe is really good, for me its no contest at all.

  47. says

    I used 1/3 cup oat flour, 1/3 cup NuNaturals More Fiber Stevia Baking Blend (since the label suggests using 3/4 cup for 1 cup of sugar in recipes), and swapped out the milk for water. I also put 9 squares of dark chocolate on top (one for each brownie!). I couldn’t wait for them to set (hehe) so I had it while it was still gooey and hot out of the oven. They were really great! I wonder if the variability in results has to do with the brand of sweetener used? I have heard that some don’t hold up to heat very well. Also, stevia blends seem to vary widely in terms of ingredients which probably makes them less reliable in baking than plain ol’ sugar.

  48. Anonymous says

    Mine came out great. I used unsweetened almond milk and nectresse instead of skim milk and Truvia. I cooked them for about 12 to 13 minutes.

  49. Anonymous says

    Im vegan an I was wondering what I could use to substitute for the yougurt and still get the same results?

  50. Anonymous says

    These brownies came out disgusting. I’m sorry. I was trying to find an alternative since I didn’t have oil and this came out like a horrible mug cake. Thanks but no thanks. Tossed the whole thing in the trash.

  51. Anonymous says

    I live in Australia and just made these with ingredients I could find as close to the recipe as possible. unsweetened almond milk instead of skim milk, natvia as my sweetner, chobani greek yoghurt. I am well known for my crazy sweet tooth and addiction to baked goods. Can definately say these are a very good substitute! All the bad reviews must be doing something wrong or arent realising that this is a “healthier alternative”. Definately recommend trying these out if you have a major sweet tooth and are calorie counting like myself!👍thanks Broma Bakery!

  52. Anonymous says

    Forgot to add that with the ingredients I used they ended up being 64cal each😊 alot less than a normal brownie!

  53. Anonymous says

    Mine are AWESOME!! Especially for the nutrition value! I used truvia and added some Walden Farm Chocolate Syrup. I can’t wait to eat them through the week!

  54. terri says

    Don’t waste your time and ingredients if you’re not a fan of bitter chocolate. These are very bitter due to the cocoa. I tossed it all in the garbage.

  55. Lorna says

    I made them for work and didnt like them dont know what I did wrong. they had a funny after taste ! maybe to much greek yogurt.

  56. Lindsay says

    This must be some sort of April fools joke or something because I can not for the life of me understand how so many people thought these were good! Do not bother trying Chads suggestion of replacing the sugar for unsweetened apple sauce and almond milk instead of skim…it does not make them better, it probably made them worse actually.

    • Sarah | Broma Bakery says

      Hi Lindsay! Yes, I would not replace them with apple sauce at all. The biggest advice I can offer with these brownies is to undercook them. You want to take them out of the oven while they’re still slightly gooey, as the brownies continue to cook as they cool. Let me know if this helps you next time!

  57. Dianne says

    I used a flax egg (instead of an actual egg) to cut some calories, and they turned out alright. I also used Great Value brand zero calorie sweetener, which measures cup for cup with sugar, and that also works. Just spreading the word. I also used a little less cocoa powder, since I’m not a fan of the bitter chocolate taste (I used 6 T). The texture was a bit off, so I may not leave them in the oven for as long next time. Good recipe, though. Thanks!

    • Dianne says

      Also using the flax egg, unsweetened almond milk, and 6T of cocoa powder the brownies are about 41 calories each. That’s, like you mentioned above, not taking into account all of the batter you lose while transferring, mixing, etc. etc.

  58. JackTailor says

    Made these EXACTLY to recipe.

    Wasn’t good, wasn’t bad. They were ok. If you have a craving for chocolate, you won’t after eating one of these. Initial taste is good, but the aftertaste is a bittersweet fake sugar taste.

  59. Jeannie says

    Thanks! Can’t wait to try these! I WILL be using Truvia BECAUSE I don’t use artificial sweeteners and Truvia is not an artificial sweetener. :-). This is one of the best-looking sugar free brownies I’ve seen! Thanks!

  60. bridie says

    I’m stumped as I’ve read through the fails on here and most people that say theirs failed say it was because they did not taste good. Mine tasted great they just didn’t rise! They were only about a 1/4inch thick and not cakey at all but thick solid moist mass. I cannot think of a single thing I did differently do the recipe – any ideas what went wrong? Actually the one thing that might be different is that I have a fan oven, so I turned down to 180c instead of 200c (as per original recipe) Thanks xx

    • bridie says

      I’ve just noticed the comment before mine – I used Quaker rolled oats but I didn’t know we had to grind them?! I guess that was it…

  61. Sofia says

    I tried it and it tastes terrible I don’t no if my measurements are off but defiantly not like the picture! Sorry but looks good

  62. Dennys says

    My brownies taste sour, like yogurt with cocoa, does anyone know what I can do to make them taste better? I used light yogurt, may be with cream or cottage cheese, help pls.

  63. Brianna says

    If I don’t want to use stevia or sugar and instead, substitute it with applesauce, would it turn out okay, or too gooey? Would the bake time alter and how much would I have to use? Thanks a bunch!!

    • Sarah | Broma Bakery says

      Hi, Brianna! Because of the nature of the recipe being so low calorie, the sugar or sugar substitute really carries the flavor for the brownies. Applesauce would make them too gooey, and I don’t think it would taste good at all! Instead, you could try using honey or agave in a slightly smaller amount! Hope this helps and happy baking!

  64. says

    my health-foodie daughter & i were intrigued…. we used plain Greek yogurt & 1/2 cup of natural coconut sugar …. i added 1/2 tsp. of vanilla & used1/2 whole wheat flour & 1/2 oats ….. the batter was very thin- i baked then for only about 8 minutes , but they were done – they were dark & chocolatey & worth 37 calories – the texture was surprisingly good – i think the flour helped the texture be more like high fat brownies!

  65. Jill says

    I was looking for a guilt free brownie mix and this was it ! I tried them last night and ate them all ! Lol well left some for breakfast . I may try this as a chocolate muffin mix since Too. But it’s the only way I’ll eat oatmeal . I used almond milk and brown sugar and Agave as that’s what I had on hand.

  66. Compliment Giver says

    These were amazing. One has to recognize that diet food is not going to be as decadent as the full fat recipe, but for what they are these brownies were excellent. I substituted unsweetened cashew milk (because I’m lactose intolerant) for skim milk and it cut the calories even more. Thank you for the recipe! Keep up the good work!

  67. says

    Just made these…can’t believe how good they were!

    Was wondering if it would be alright if I linked back to your blog? I wanted to post a altered version of it on my blog…im just starting out!

    Thanks in advance

  68. Holly says

    will be making these tonight but I have noticed that some are posting different totals for calories. So to break it down:
    1 egg 70 calories
    1/2c oats 150 calories
    1/2c Cocoa 80 calories
    1/4c fat free milk 20 calories
    3/4c nonfat dannon Greek vanilla yogurt 80 calories ( only kind I had on hand)
    Salt, baking powder & stevia 0 calories
    Total calories 400 and if you cut 9 squares then it is 44.44 Calories per brownie, which to be on the safe side you could just cut 10 even squares and it would be 40 calories per brownie 😉

    To make it less calories you could use reduced almond milk and egg beaters 😉 just a thought.

  69. Clara says

    i don’t care about it being 37 calories, but i just know i needed a less-fatty, simple-to-make brownie to ease a migraine, and this did it.

    i overlooked the bit about blending til smooth (so my oats were still chewy), and don’t use artificial sweeteners, so had added a bit of sugar, vanilla, flour, some bits of hazelnut dark chocolate and coffee (and for all of these I mean a bit). I also used regular zero fat vanilla yoghurt.

    I’ve seen the criticisms (bitter, puddingy) and I guess if you’re not a fan of the high-end type of bake, I can kind of see where they were coming from (especially without some additions). I just wanted to say that anyone that’s been deterred- it’s fine- all recipes should be ‘to taste’ and this is a great and easy base to work with. Make it up, lick the spoon and throw in nuts, unblended oats, a bit of vanilla or whatever, to taste. The advantage of this over other brownies is that it doesn’t have the fatty aftertaste/greasy mouth (which makes it a hero any day), the use of oats is awesome, and as the chef commenter said, is versatile, lending itself to brownie/cake/dessert.

  70. Cynthia says

    Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say I tried making these & they came out great. Admittedly after reading the mixed reviews I was very skeptical. I will say these brownies are not for anyone who doesn’t like the dark chocolate taste. They will not taste like milk chocolate brownies, but they do taste like dark chocolate brownies & have the brownie consistency. My brownies came out to 69 calories per serving because I modified the recipe a bit & also only cut 9 brownies per pan. I think my modifications helped to get the right “brownie” consistency some were commenting about. Here’s my recipe:
    Oikos Plain Greek Nonfat Yogurt, 5.3oz container, 80 calories
    Hood 2% Milk, 1/4 cup, 32 calories
    Hershey’s Special Dark Unsweetened Cocoa, 1/2 cup, 80 calories
    Truvia 0 Calorie Granulated Sweetener, 1 1/2 cup, 0 calories
    Quaker Oats Quick Rolled Oats 1/2 cup, 150 calories
    Baking Powder, 1 tsp, 0 calories
    Sea Salt, 1/4 tsp, 0 calories
    Sunspire Organic 42% Cacao Chips, 4 Tbsp, 210 calories
    Large Egg, 1, 70 calories

    I allowed the oats to be a bit rounded in the measuring cup, but not overly. I mixed everything in the food processor, but no more than 1-1.5 minutes. Just enough to chop up the oats a bit & make the mix look like brownie mix. I was nervous when I put the mix in the pan because it didn’t look like it filled the pan, just barely covered the bottom. When it was done baking though I was pleasantly surprised that they had puffed up quite a bit. Upon cooling they shrunk down a bit, but still very much brownie like. They hold like a brownie but do crumble easier. This is my saving grace while trying to keep to a 1500 calorie day, but wanting to finish my day with chocolate. Thank you! Do you have any other low cal recipes like this?

    • Sarah | Broma Bakery says

      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed the brownies. I do not have any other low-calories recipes on Broma Bakery, but am working on some for the future! You can stay up to date by signing up for my email list on the front page of the website. Thank you again, don’t be a stranger, and happy baking!

  71. Eilidh says

    I’m on a health kick and have been dreaming about cake, so I tried these when they popped up on Pinterest. I didn’t believe that they were only 37 calories, but regardless of the actual exact calorie count, it’s way better than ruining my run with a big slab of cake!
    I won’t lie, they’ve come out looking a little weird, very dark but nice and gooey. They do taste great, but you have to be open-minded to enjoy them, the consistency is slightly unusual, and I suppose could be off-putting if you’re going to be all ‘cake police’ about it.
    They taste light and verging on tangy, but to be honest, anything that vaguely resembles cake is a blessing right now!
    I’m glad I tried them, and will make them again I think. I’ll definitely try blending the oats next time, totally missed that bit!

  72. Mel says

    There are different types of Stevia. The kind you can sprinkle over fruit (white crystals) or the Stevia blend. Which kind did you use in your recipe?

  73. Amelia says

    Does anyone know if Norbu would work in the place of Truvia. I happen to have it in the cupboard.. it says its good for baking.

  74. leesa says

    OB.SESSED. I have made these at least 5 times in the past month. No lie. I have it down to a science. I use the light and fit chocolate raspberry greek yogurt and add 132 (HA!) mini ghardelli (sp) chocolate chips. I cook them for 13 minutes. Let me tell you….everyone from my neighbor to my bible study chicks L.O.V.E. love them. What a great treat with out the guilt! Also, I find that if you literally eat them right out of the pan they dont taste as good as when you let them cool down a bit.
    Again, obsessed. The only issue I find is that with OUT the chocolate chips my calculations come out to about 50 cals per square. No biggy…husband said do about 50 jumping jacks to get them down to 37 calories. Love it!
    I can’t believe I Just wrote a review on brownies.

    • leesa says

      I see where I am going wrong…I use the baking Stevia…not the Stevia you use for coffee. Got it. No more jumping jacks. YAHOO!

  75. Beth says

    Hello! Just a little FYI…the printable version comes up blank when trying to print. Can’t wait to try them! Thanks! 😉

  76. Lily says

    Tried recipe. Added vanilla essence and soda + powder. Replaced truvia with honey … Sigh… Was bitter and didn’t taste great.
    Thanks, guess I’ll stuck to my old brownie recipe from now on.

  77. icky says

    I loved these! I am a huge fan of bittersweet chocolate so they were right up my alley. They were a little tangy for me, so I think next time I will substitute my favorite low-carb yogurt blend, which is not so tangy and is lower in calories too. I added one tablespoon of mini chocolate chips and my calculation was 46 calories per brownie (of a pan of 9). I think the word “brownies” really messes people up because it sets the bar pretty high. Realistically, hey are a delicious, chocolately,, mousse-like but gooey dessert TREAT for a dieter (or other folks with various dietary restrictions) that provides some real nutrition as a bonus. I will make them often on my journey to weight loss and healthier eating. Thank you so much!!!!

    • Vicky says

      Today I made these with the yogurt dairy blend I mentioned. I also dropped the cocoa to 1/4 cup and added 1 tablespoon of dark brown sugar along with 12 packets of stevia. That little bit of sugar made a huge difference in taste. They were not bitter or tangy. I would tell everyone to fiddle around with the recipe and maybe it will work for them. Thank you again for posting this.

  78. kitchenonfire says

    Delicious! My wife and I are on a calorie-counting diet, so 37 calorie brownies sounded like something worth checking out.. In the last month I have made two batches of these so far , in an 8″ x 8″ pan, cut into 9 pieces. My calculations show the calorie count to be 47 calories per brownie. Still, that is VERY low for moist delicious fudge-y brownies! Here are the numbers I came up with, based on nutrition labels on the products I used: 3/4 cup Fage 0% plain no fat Greek yogurt- 98 cal. 1/4 cup Skim milk- 22 cal. 1/2 cup Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder- 80 cal. 1/2 cup Diamond rolled oats- 140 cal. 1 large egg- 80 cal. Assuming Zero calories for the stevia, salt, and baking powder, that totals 420 calories per pan, divided by 9 squares= 47 calories per square. I Recommend these wholeheartedly!! Note: I put my rolled oats into a magic bullet and blend them into flour before adding to the food processor mixture. I bake brownies for 20 minutes at 400 degrees F, they are moist and fudge-like on the inside. After cooling completely, I cut them into squares, individually wrap each square in plastic wrap and store in the fridge. Then when we want a little sweet something, we have a portion controlled delicious yummy treat!

    • kitchenonfire says

      UPDATE: I have now made a third batch of these little gems, and I find the type of cocoa powder used makes a big difference in the finished product flavor.. I prefer these brownies made with a “milk chocolate” lighter brown cocoa powder, however my wife prefers the Hershey’s special dark cocoa, and the bitter-er dark chocolate effect. I also add a little more Truvia than the 1/2 cup called for, about a generous tablespoon more I’d say. Still, I actually like the slight yogurt-y tartness. Also, I no longer pre-blender my rolled oats, I just add them to the processor.
      As some disappointed commenters here have lamented, these are NOT your typical 300 calorie brownie square, so if that is where your heart is, you should probably stick with those fat-o-licious monsters.. : ) These are a wonderful treat when you’re looking for something lighter and healthier.

  79. Lacy says

    Disappointing and a complete waste of ingredients. The look of the “brownie” out of the oven is normal, but once cut into, they are very airy, almost like a moist mousse, or similar to when oatmeal is cooked in a microwave with not enough liquid. The taste is nothing like a real brownie. I would call the flavor sour, probably from the non-fat Greek yogurt. They definitely do not have the crust on top that is so desirable with a brownie. Worth a shot, but I would not recommend them to anyone. Save up your calories and just go for the real deal instead.

  80. Michele says

    I must admit I was pretty skeptical when making these brownies; many claimed to love them whilst others absolutely detested the taste. Mine turned out just brilliant! I substituted stevia with a natural brown sugar substitute and added a tad of vanilla extract when I made my second batch; the results were amazing!

  81. Peter says

    I appreciate the effort that goes into making these recipes but they were really bitter for me. They were quick to make which was good but again, the taste just wasn’t there.

    • Danny says

      I got the same result the first time I tried this, bitter and bleh in taste.
      But the second time I used sweet cocoa powder (I mixed half regular cocoa and sweet cocoa powder). And now they taste so yummy :3. I also added some shopped sugar-free chocolate.

  82. Helen says

    Ok I tried this recipe because a friend wanted it for her birthday.. I’m not sure why, but they were awful and Nothing like a brownie. They were more Like a bitter soft piece of fudge or cheese cake…not good. I followed the recipe exactly, used a food processor and baked in a 7×11 pan for 15 minutes. Help!

  83. Debra says

    I love these..I make just as the reciepe says…except..I put them into muffin tins, so I het 9 equal servings..can’t cheat that way..

  84. Marilyn Robinson says

    I used Coconut sugar and unsweetened almond milk instead and added a handful of chocolate chips. I am sure that raised the calories but still well below the calories of an ordinary brownie. The texture was just as your picture, and the taste – to die for!!! Love it!!!

  85. Laura says

    I sooo wanted these to be good. Your picture is lovely, but when I made these, they looked NOTHING like yours, and they were terrible tasting. I followed the recipe to the tee, even went out and bought baking stevia, but I had no luck. I am deleting this one. Sorry for the bad review, but it looks like others liked it. I guess that’s just how the cookie or in this case brownie crumbles.

  86. jesse says

    I followed the recipe exactly, except that I used unsweetened almond milk, which is 30 calories per cup, and I’m still coming up with 45 calories per brownie. Not bad at all, but am I doing something wrong?

    • Sarah | Broma Bakery says

      Hi Jesse! No, you are doing things right. I figure there are always little bits of brownie batter stuck to the bowl or on your knife as they get cut that bring the count down slightly. But 37 is slightly arbitrary, as a 7 calorie difference could be chalked up even to cutting your brownies slightly unevenly! Hope you enjoy them and happy baking!

  87. Angela Jo says

    you dont have to put baking powder if the yogurt is in the recipe. Steviva is sugar-free sweet powder that extracted from fruits & vegetable and it’s 100% healthy as far as I know. So you can substitute it for sweetener. and how come there’s no oil? don’t u need at least a tbsp of oil? I use extra virgin olive oil. And since its all natural based, of course its not gonna taste the same as those calorie killers, so I eat it with vanilla ice cream. this bitter taste of brownie goes really well with ice cream.I like the idea of using oat for the flour.

  88. cassandra says

    Just wanted to say that I am very open minded to new recipies but this was absolutely disgusting. i followed it perfectly and it tasted like sour milk.

    • Sarah | Broma Bakery says

      So sorry to hear this Cassandra. It definitely shouldn’t have tasted like sour milk. Did you add a sweetener that poured like sugar? Also, there are many comments where people have suggested different changes that may increase the calorie count slightly but still end up for a great brownie!

  89. SBBC says

    These did not work out well for me, I used my best coco (scharffen berger) which is really expensive and was majorly let down at how badly these turned out. too sour. I basically followed the directions but used 2% milk instead of skim. I cant imagine that made a difference. The batter was meh when I tried it but the brownies themselves were down right not good. They tasted kind of like old sandwich bread D:

  90. Canuckamok says

    I almost didn’t try this recipe. Previous experience with unsweetened cocoa/stevia mixtures were too bitter, and so many negative comments about the results from this recipe suggested to me that these would turn out too bitter, too. Happily, I tried it and am thrilled with the results. I followed the recipe almost exactly, only I added a touch of vanilla. I baked the batter for exactly 15 minutes and got rather thin but very delicious brownies that even had a fudgy brownie texture! The sweetener I used was not stevia but xylitol, which some people shun for various and perfectly legitimate reasons. If you can tolerate xylitol, though, and if like me you’re willing to use it to help achieve your goal, you might be as pleased as I am to have a delicious, low calorie chocolate dessert that helps you stick to your food plan and that satisfies your craving for treats.

  91. says

    Holy sweet Jesus those look good! 37 calories doesn’t even seem right lol. This recipe is awesome, it’s like you’ve used every weight loss cheap you could here. Truvia instead of sugar, skim milk and oats! This is pretty darn good girl! I’ll have to try these!

  92. Amybeth says

    I finally tried this last night. Mine came out very flat, like a cake that had flattened. I had to run the blender for much longer than a minute because the mixture was not making its own little tornado and the stuff on top was staying on top… I think I need to put the dry stuff in first, instead of the yogurt. Do you think over-running the blender is what made them so flat? Should I try adding more baking powder? Any tips?

  93. Joanne says

    Hey these brownies are awesome! I just made them today, with one slight change in that I doubled the recipe so it could fill a 9×13 pan. Baked for a few more minutes at the same temperature and they turned out perfect! Thank you for the great new recipe! :)

  94. Dee says

    37 calories? Amen! Can’t wait to try this recipe. May I know where did you do your calorie calculations? :) Thanks, Sarah!

  95. Danni says

    When i calculate this recipe, i get 104 calories every time. i don’t understand how every says its 37.. and according to your calculations it should be 52 with the chocolate chips. what am i doing wrong? Heres exactly what i use.

    3/4 cup 0% plain greek yogurt
    13 cals

    1/2 cup Truvia Baking Blend
    27 cals

    1/2 cup Gourmet Baking Cocoa Dutch Processed
    18 cals

    1/2 cup Large Flake 100% Whole Grain Oats
    18 cals

    1 egg
    8 cals

    1/4 cup skim milk
    2 cals

    1 tsp baking powder
    0 cals

    1 pinch salt
    0 cals

    1/8 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
    18 cals

    • Sarah | Broma Bakery says

      Hi Danni. So to make things easy I’m putting the total calorie count for each ingredient and at the end, dividing. One thing to note is when I made this recipe years ago I did not know that Truvia Baking Blend had calories. I’ll explain this at the end. The entire recipe breaks down as follows:

      3/4 cup nonfat greek yogurt: 75 cal
      1/4 cup skim milk: 25 cal
      1/2 cup Cocoa powder: 100 cal
      1/2 cup Old fashioned rolled oats: 150 cal
      1/2 cup Truvia Baking Blend: 190 cal
      1 egg: 60 cal
      1 teaspoon baking powder: 0 cal
      1 pinch salt: 0 cal

      That’s 410 calories for the whole pan if you don’t include the Truvia calories, and 600 if you do. The way I figured 37 calories each is: If you were to not miss one calorie from the recipe (say, from the way you measured the ingredients, or the teensy bit you miss scooping out the batter from the pan, or the gunk that gets stuck on your knife), you’d get 45 calories per brownie. However, taking those factors into account, I figured about 37 calories per brownie. However, knowing now that Truvia has calories, that would bring your count up to about 65 calories per brownie. Which is still not bad if you ask me!

      Hope this helps!

  96. Emily says

    THESE WERE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I had a little trouble with the consistency but oh man they went over well. I even substituted some fuller-fat versions of some of the ingredients (sugar instead of truvia, 1% milk instead of skim, etc) and they are still healthier than the flour and butter that a regular brownie is packed full of. I served these with a very small dollop of vanilla ice cream and my partner thought they were the best thing in the world, right out of his childhood. Thank you so much for this fantastic recipe!!!

  97. Cindy says

    I just made these brownies, followed the recipe exactly, except I used Splenda baking mix.
    They look NOTHING like the picture whatsoever. I find it hard to believe those are the same thing. Mine are very thin, and firm, not crumbly. They almost look like a chocolate cookie. They have somewhat of a fudgey consistency when you bite them, but taste NOTHING like a brownie, more like some kind of chocolate cake in the form of a square cookie. They are edible, but not great, I definitely wouldn’t make them again, or serve them to anyone else, I’d be embarrassed to say I made them.
    That being said, I used a calorie calculator and they came to 102 calories per brownie, but I cut them into 12 pieces instead which are still HUGE and they are 76 calories per brownie.

    I find it very misleading that you have left the title of these as 37 calorie brownies, when you clearly know they aren’t 37 calories. You said they are 45 calories but then you allowed for some of the batter getting stuck in the blender or not measuring exactly correct. But that’s ridiculous. When calculating calories in a recipe nobody ever does that, its silly, and its false advertising. Plus, you’ve listed the Truvia baking blend as an ingredient but then don’t count the calories for it in those 37 calories, when you’ve later admitted you didn’t know it had calories.

    I think you should be honest with readers, change the calories to the correct number without subtracting anything, and include the Truvia calories. And post a picture of the REAL brownies you made.


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