The Best Fall Cakes

Cakes & Cupcakes
October 1, 2020
Cakes & Cupcakes
October 1, 2020

The Best Fall Cakes

Celebrate all the flavors of fall with our favorite fall cake recipes. From apple to pumpkin and everything in between, you’ll find all the perfectly spiced cakes of your dreams here!

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The Best Fall Cakes

Celebrate all the flavors of fall with our favorite fall cake recipes. From apple to pumpkin and everything in between, you’ll find all the perfectly spiced cakes for all your autumnal needs!

Fall Cake Recipes

I think we can all agree that fall baking is one of the most magical times of the year. Pumpkin, cinnamon, chai, sweet potato, maple… I could go on for ages. And all those cozy fall flavors are even tastier in a decadent layer cake. Lucky for you, we’ve been churning out cake recipes for many fall seasons, so we have a fall cake for everyone!

1. The Best Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

One bite of this Pumpkin Cake and you'll never want another cake ever again. Topped with the best cream cheese frosting and a salted caramel drizzle.

All fall enthusiasts know that pumpkin is superior to all other flavors. and this moist pumpkin cake is the perfect example. It’s tender, perfectly spiced, packed full of pumpkin flavor and the perfect fall cake centerpiece for any celebration.

Plus it’s topped with a decadent salted caramel drizzle that is *chef’s kiss.*

2. Salted Caramel Layer Cake

the best caramel layer cake

Speaking of caramel, this caramel swirled layer cake is one of my favorites to whip up once the leaves start changing. Sure, caramel is a year round flavor, but it’s especially heart warming in October. This caramel cake is filled with homemade caramel and the buttercream is swirled with fat ribbons of homemade salted caramel. Uh-huh, you need it.

3. Chai Layer Cake

spiced chai cake on a metal tin

There is nothing better than a steaming hot mug of chai in fall. Except that is, a chai CAKE. This perfect fall cake recipe is perfectly spiced with cardamom, ginger, allspice, and a hint of black pepper and topped with a decadent cream cheese frosting. It tastes exactly like a chai latte in cake form.

4. Sweet Potato Maple Bundt Cake

sweet potato bundt cake with a piece cut out

Okay, okay I know everyone just loves pumpkin, but have you ever had a sweet potato cake? It’s similar to a pumpkin cake but slightly more mild in flavor and has the most AMAZING texture thanks to sweet potato puree. It’s soft, dense, but not too dense and drizzled with an insanely good maple icing that will knock your socks off.

5. Cardamom Spiced Carrot Cake

cardamom carrot cake

Carrot cake is another one of those cakes that does well year round. But this cardamom spiced carrot cake is distinctly autumnal. Take your favorite moist carrot cake and jazz it up with a zingy punch of cardamom and ginger and you’re in for a spiced fall treat.

6. Maple Walnut Cake

That oh-so-delicious combo of maple and walnuts makes its way into a moist layer cake in this Maple Walnut Cake with Maple Frosting.

Maple is one of my most favorite fall flavors and it pairs beautifully with toasted walnuts in this unique fall cake. This maple walnut cake is crunchy, just sweet enough thanks to pure maple syrup and has the most tender crumb thanks to walnut flour. Plus it’s smother in a maple frosting which is always a good idea in my book 🙂

7. Caramel Apple Cake

caramel apple cake with two slices on plates

Growing up I LOVED caramel apples in the fall. The combination of sweet, creamy caramel with a fresh juicy apple makes me tastebuds sing. So why not take those flavors and make them into a delicious layer cake? This caramel apple cake is made with layers of a super moist apple cake held together with cream cheese frosting and a thick caramel drizzle.

8. Brown Butter Banana Cake

This brown butter banana cake is scrumptious in sheet cake or layer cake form and goes well with so many different frostings depending on your mood. We love to to this with cream cheese frosting, chocolate frosting or a traditional vanilla buttercream.

9. Praline Layer Cake

Praline layer with a slice of cake being lifted out. Get it this Thanksgiving season :)

I can’t even talk about this praline layer cake with salivating. It is THAT GOOD. So, what is praline layer cake? It’s a crazy moist vanilla cake layered with salty-sweet praline filling and topped with fluffy buttercream and caramel. It’s the perfect centerpiece for a fall dessert spread.

What are some of your favorite fall flavors you’d love to see in a scrumptious layer cake?

Happy fall baking!


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  1. I’m intimidated by how beautiful these cakes are! wow, just gorgeous, but might want to take a crack at the
    sweet potato bundt cake, since I love sweet potatoes, thank you for all!

  2. Like the grand finale of fireworks each fall cake is prettier than the last! All beautiful, delicious and well photographed.