Apple Fritter Bites


Hi! Happy saturday morning, lovies! I present to you: Apple Fritters aka the easiest donuts ever. Typically, donuts are made of a yeasted dough that takes over an hour and a half to rise. These apple fritters, however, do not have yeast in the dough, so you can go from flour, butter, and cinnamon in a bowl to donuts in 30 minutes. Delicious breakfast in no time? Now that’s my kind of saturday morning. …

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Scrumptious Lemon Cookies


So these may be my new favorite cookies. I found a recipe last week by Averie Cooks that inspired me to give lemon cookies a try. Hers had 1/2 cup more flour and more baking soda, but I opted to go lighter on both, as I was nervous about a high amount of flour in the…

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David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Sorbet


I’m currently on my couch watching Arthur. I keep pausing to write this post because I’m so enthralled. It’s hilarious. I used to watch this show all. the. time. So in other news it’s freezing in Michigan. I walked out of the house today and literally stopped in my tracks because I wasn’t ready for it. But…

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Inside Out Chocolate Chip Cookies


Note to all you bakers out there: do not eat this cookie dough. It will result in half the batter gone in a matter of minutes. These cookies came into existence because I wanted Katharine Canfield Cookies but didn’t have chocolate chips. I did, however, have white chocolate chips. And because I love chocolate, I decided…

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Soft Pretzels


I never really liked bread as a child. I mean, I enjoyed things with bread in them, but was never one to savor pizza crust or dinner rolls. And this definitely continued into high school. Bread just wasn’t my thing. I much preferred leaving room for dessert (go figure). Being a girl and all I…

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Purple Plum Cake


September 8th, 2014, I, Sarah Fennel, quit my job. Reasons aside, I have a feeling it will be one of the best decisions I ever make. And what am I doing, you ask? Freelance photography (hit me UP, Michigan!), a little bit of yoga, and a whole lot of working on Broma Bakery full time.  Yes,…

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